Not To Old To Love (Janoskians)

Hi i'm Molly Brennan. I'm 3,000 years old. I'm a vampire but also a witch. I'm one of the most powerful creatures on earth. I have my best friend Emily. She's the 1,000 years younger then me. But instead of a witch she's a warewolf. We are about to have to move AGAIN because people are starting to notice that we're not aging. We move to Australia and meet 5 boys. But hey also know One Direction and will make an apperance. Do they found out Molly and Emily's secret? Is there romance? Do they change someone? Found out in 'Not To Old To Love.'


13. Just a Call.


"What are you?" She asked scared to death. There was beating on the door. I heard people yelling like "MOLLY STOP THIS" or "MOLLY COME OUT OF THERE". I just ignored them. "I am your worst nightmare." I said showing her my fangs. "Are you a...... vampire?" She whispered the last part. "I am, But I don't need these to kill you." I said matter-of-factly. "Please don't" She whispered. "You don't want to die do you?" I asked. She shook her head. "Well guess what." I said. She didn't answer. "I'm not letting this go." I said finishing my sentence. 

Emily's P.O.V.

"Emily why did you do that?" Lou asked. I just ignored him. I'm not letting him off the hook. "Emily why?" Niall asked. I'll talk to him. "Well Niall, If I was Molly I would want revenge. And Molly is like my sister so, I knew she wanted revenge." I said. "Emily that was stupid." Lou said. "YEA WELL I'M NOT THE ONE WHO LET A CRAZY LUNATIC BITCH IN THE HOUSE THAT ALMOST KILLED MOLLY NOW DID I." I yelled at him. He looked taken back by what I just said. Niall grabbed my phone. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" I yelled at him. He ran up to his room vamp speed and locked the door. "NIALL" I yelled. "ONE SECOND." He yelled back.

Niall's P.O.V.

I can't believe what Emily just said, but she was right. WAIT..... That boy, what's his name again. That right Beau. I grabbed Emily's phone and ran up to my room. I found Beau's number and dialed it. 

"Hello?" He answered. "Hey Beau this is Niall. I called you from Emily's phone because we have a crisis." I said. "Are you alright?" He asked. "It's more about Molly" I said. "OMG IS SHE ALRIGHT" He asked. "Do you like her?" I asked. "WHAT?!?!... I mean no." He said nervous. "Well I need you to get to the house now, like right now." I said. "On my way." He said. I could tell he was running. 

I walked back out. I felt someone punch me in the stomach. "OWW" I yelled. "What the hell did you do?" Emily asked mad at me. "I just called someone." I said trying to catch my breath. "mhm" she mumbled to herself and walked away. I heard a knock at the door and I went down there vamp speed. I swung the door open. 

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