The Marriage and Baby Project - A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

"Rosie Moore. You will be partnered with....." He waved his hands around above a piece of paper while covering his eyes. JUST TELL ME! "Louis Tominson" I actually started laughing.
"You're joking right?" The whole class was silent apart from a few 'oohs' started by Zayn Malik. Another one of the populars. There's basically five boys I can't stand in this school. Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and the devil himself Louis Tomlinson. Now i'm freaking married to the guy. I've been partnered with my rival Louis Tomlinson in The Marriage and Baby Project...


28. Get Away From My Sister and Baby Back?


Chapter 26:

Get Away From My Sister and Baby Back?


Rosie's POV:

Do you know what? Screw this!

The moment Louis' lips touched off mine, I immediately kissed him back.

All my emotions suddenly came together at once and I couldn't hold it back any longer. I heard Louis moan as our lips battled against each-other.

This was what I wanted.

Before I knew it, we were about to deepen the kiss. The key word there is 'about to'.

"Hey Rosie who owns the fancy red ca-," Tyler came bursting through my door, Charlie balancing on his shoulders.

Just great.

Did I happen to mention how much Tyler hates Louis? Words cannot describe how much Tyler wanted to kill him after the whole bullying thing. He hasn't seen him since...

I pulled away immediately, my eyes wide in shock as I thought of what Tyler would do to him.

I heard Louis groan as he probably hadn't yet taken his mind off the kiss, he probably hadn't registered the fact that my older brother of twenty two was standing in front of us.

"Eww, gross they were kissing!" Charlie moaned as he covered his eyes. Tyler hadn't said a word and was just glaring in Louis' direction.

"Tyler, I can explain." I held my hands out to him as I tried to keep him as calm as possible.

"Rosie, what is this asshole doing in your room." His eyes hadn't left Louis' as he gently took Charlie from his shoulders and placed him on the ground.

"Look Tyler, it's not what it looks li-," Lou began but Tyler quickly stopped him.

"Oh I can tell you exactly what it looks like. It looks like you were making out with my sister. The same sister that you bullied all through primary school. The same sister that you managed to turn anorexic. Does any of this ring a bell to you?" I had never seen Tyler so angry. His fists were clenched so tight that I feared they would fall of. His face was so red that I I imagined all the blood would burst through his skin in a second but his voice was the scariest. It was so deep and quiet at the same time.

I immediately stood up from my position on the bed and ran over to Tyler. "Tyler please calm down. You don't know the full story. Don't do anything stupid."

As I've mentioned before, Tyler is seriously over protective of me.

He finally turned his intense stare from Lou and looked at me. "Rosie, what is he doing in your room?"

"Charlie can you go show Louis your toys please?" I asked the four year old, standing innocently in my doorway. I gave Louis a warning look which he immediately obeyed and followed Charlie.

"You know Louis goes to my school. You know what he did. You know everything. But for the last two weeks Louis and I have been doing a project. The one where you look after a baby doll with a partner. I didn't know anything like this would happen. I've lost most of what I thought were my friends. Louis has been the only one really there for me. He's the only one I can trust. Please understand that Tyler."

His face remained impassive as he stood in front of me.

"Rosie, why do you always have to get yourself into situations like this? I swear if you get hurt once more by this guy, i'm going to break him. Promise me you'll be careful. Remember I won't always be here to help you out."

I know Tyler is only trying to look out for. I mean he's a better father than my own dad.

"I promise, now go tell Louis you're sorry for scaring the living daylights out of him." I demanded with a smile as I pointed towards Charlie's bedroom.

He groaned but scuffed up my hair playfully before heading towards the door.

So I guess that's my family sorted, now the whole school to go.

I mean it's not like we're together anyway, it was just a kiss...for the third time.


"Is it just me or do you feel like everyone is staring into your soul?" I whispered through my phone.

I refused to talk to Louis in person on Friday morning so instead we decided on phone chats.

As I entered the school building, I felt everyone's eyes on me. That's usually a bad sign as I've learned over the last couple of weeks.

To say the least, I've earned a few enemies. The people I thought were my friends; lied to me, back stabbed me and even came back into my life.

Trust is definitely something I can't control anymore.

"Come on, it's not that bad. You're just being paranoid!" Louis tried to reassure me in the other end of the line but it certainly wasn't working.

"Where are you anyway?" I started looking frantically around the hallways until I was shocked to see Hallie grinning widely in my face.

"Who are you talking to?"

"No one. No one at all!" I literally smacked my phone into my bag as fast as possible.

You know that feeling when you know you've done something wrong so you automatically think everyone knows you've done it?

I felt like that, times a million.

I mean, Hallie knows Louis and I are friends, she wouldn't have a problem with me talking to him on the phone. Louis' right. I'm just being paranoid.

"Ok then..." Hallie said awkwardly as her smile faded. There was an awkward silence before she started smiling like an idiot again. If it wasn't Friday I would have felt the need to slap her across the face. "Oh my god guess what?!"

I already knew what she was going to say but I decided to play along anyway. "What?" I tried to put as much enthusiasm into my voice as possible as I tried to search for Louis through the crowded corridors. He had Louise and the last thing I needed was to lose her in the last day of our project.

"Harry finally asked me out!" Hallie then realised that she was talking to his ex and once again her smile faded. "I mean..I'm sorry. Sorry Rosie, I forgot."

"Hallie, it's fine. We were never serious anyway." She's right. Harry is definitely just a friend to me. We were never even close.

"Oh thank god. So where's your doll? Today's the last day right. Zayn still has ours. I don't think we did too bad." I stopped listening to her babble on as I reached my locker where Mackenzie was waiting. She looked as though she had been crying. A lot.

"Mickey, what's wrong?" I'd only seen Mackenzie cry twice in our friendship.

When her rabbit died and when she dropped her Marc Jacobs bag in a lake on our school trip.

"He broke up with me. I knew it was coming. I told you Rosie." She sounded so heartbroken. I had never really seen her fall hard for a guy. I guess I underestimated their relationship. Hallie appeared to have lost interest and skipped off towards Harry who was standing next to Liam and Delilah.

"I'm so sorry Mackenzie. I really am." I rubbed her shoulder affectionately as she wiped her eyes and sniffled.

"It's not your fault. I obviously wasn't good enough for him. He'll probably go off to Christina or Meg. He was getting pretty cosy with the two of them during rehearsals. Pig!"

I spent the next twenty minutes comforting Mackenzie and trying to make her look remotely presentable for class.

As I closed my locker door, a blonde haired Irish boy appeared next to me and I smiled in relief.

"Look Rosie, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to act so distant to you and Louis. I just found it so hard to accept what he did to you and for you to forgive him. Before I came to London, I was bullied in Ireland. I guess it was difficult for me to see someone else go through that. I didn't think one of my best friends was capable of treating a girl like that."

I immediately wrapped Niall in a bear hug after that.

"I'm sorry Niall. I honestly had no idea. You should have told me. Anyone."

"I didn't need the sympathy Rosie. School's going great for me now. I don't need the reminder." I smiled lightheartedly and shrugged. "I've talked to Louis. He really likes you Rosie. Forget what everyone else thinks. Just don't forget to sort out everything else first."

I guess today is the day I forget my enemies too.

"Thanks Niall. I really means a lot." As Niall began to walk off, I stopped him. "And remember, any girl would be lucky to have you. Don't settle for anyone."

He smiled and thanked me as he shuffled over to Zayn who was texting absentmindedly as he roamed his eyes over the crowd of students. I wonder is he even sad about the break up.

I suddenly felt the urge to pee and decided on taking a quick trip to the bathroom before classes started.

But of course, me being lucky and all, I had to walk past Delilah. She was standing next to Liam, his arm firmly around her waist as the two of them chatted to Hallie and Harry.

You know when you walk past a person you hate no you try to look as cool and confident as you possibly can? Once again, that is me.

I flipped my hair over my shoulder and strutted past her. Well I tried to.

Delilah stuck her foot out at the last second and I fell flat on my face. You'd think that is the oldest trick in the book but it still manages to work on me.

"Oh my god Rosie, I am so sorry! Are you ok?" Delilah's sickly sweet smile burned into my face as she reached her un-injured hand out to help me. Liam immediately rejected and instead helped me up himself.

"I'm fine." I stated bluntly as I glared at her and fixed my outfit. I was so tempted to punch her in the face. Finally I couldn't take it.

"Actually do you know what. No I'm not ok. I've taken enough of your bullshit. Today has just been one step further into the pile of bullshit you're feeding Liam. He thinks you're so innocent when in fact you're the one who caused all this drama. From the canteen to the car to now, all you've done is lie, lie, lie. Liam deserves so much better than you. I actually thought you were one of my best friends. Well life's a bitch. I've had to deal with too much of it." I could feel myself heating up as I clenched my fists more and more.

Finally I looked over at a gobsmacked Liam. "Keep hurting yourself Liam, but I won't be there to pick up the pieces."

I then simply walked into the bathroom and cried.

I shouldn't have let all this pile on top of me. I let everyone climb all over me for so long.

I locked myself in the nearest stall and let the tears fall.

After a couple of seconds, I heard the door open and stopped. I tried to listen to see if they were with someone, but heard no one else.

They obviously heard my sniffling as I then heard, "Hey, are you alright in there?"

Oh great, another person I have beef with. Meaghan Banks. Is someone throwing all these people at me?

"I uh, I'm fine." I tried to put on the most masculine voice ever which I guess kind of backfired considering I was in a woman's toilet. But my voice is too distinct and everyone knows it, up including Meg.

"Rosie?" I both groaned and sighed as my cover was blown. "Rosie, can you come out please?"

I managed to open the door but squinted as I probably looked horrible and didn't want perfect looking Meg to see me.

"Look, I'm really not in the mood to listen to you talk about your perfect life. I've had a pretty hard day already and it's only half eight."

"You don't understand, I want to apologise. For real." I stopped what I was doing and looked her in the eyes.

"I had no reason to do what I did. I was jealous. I know that's still no excuse but I was jealous. I wanted the friendship you had with Louis. I wanted him all for myself. I was just a kid. I guess I kind of paid for that now. I'm sure Louis told you about my dad?"

I nodded for her to continue. "I'm sorry. That's all I can say. I've made no friends since I came back and honestly I'd love one last chance to be yours again. I mean, if you'd forgive me?" I wiped my eyes one last time and smiled as I nodded.

Sure she was a bitch but I needed some friends and for a little while, Meg was one.

Wow, that was a hectic morning. And it hasn't even begun.

Time for the results of the last two weeks.


"There you are!" I shouted in relief as I finally spotted Louis racing down the corridor holding Louise as carefully as he could.

"I'm so sorry! You're probably not gonna believe me but I actually managed to get my foot stuck in a manhole outside my house." I just rolled my eyes and dragged Louis into the nearly full science class.

"Once again we have Mr. Tomlinson and Ms. Moore late. Is this becoming a regular habit?" The two of us shuffled to our seats as everyone stared at us like we killed twenty seven people.

"I'll let you off today as its the last day of The Marriage and Baby Project."

"You're too kind!" I added sarcastically, mumbling to myself.

"So class, first of all I would like to congratulate you all. You all seem to have managed to bring back your dolls in one piece. The only thing you have to worry about now is your grade. This will be decided by the footage contained on your doll." Mr.Walters glared at Louis and I as he said the last part.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Zayn who had a note in his grasp, he handed it to me without saying a word and turned his attention back to the teacher.

I unfolded it quickly and quietly under the desk and began reading it.

Rosie. I'm sorry I didn't believe you about Delilah when I should have. She told me she was sending you these texts. Something about threatening you. I broke up with her. Ill talk to you after class but for now please don't be angry.

- Liam

I didn't realise the teacher was still talking as I read the note. I decided to push his apology to the back of my mind and actually listen to Mr. Walters.

"Now everyone please bid farewell to your projects and hand them up!"

Is it weird to say that I'm actually sad? I don't want to let go of the thing that brought Louis and I together.

"Well, here it goes." Louis stated reluctantly as he stood up from his seat, indicating for me to get up to.

"It's done. I guess we did it Lou." I smiled weakly at him and he did the same. "This so sappy. It's just a doll!" I tried best to laugh at how stupid we were being.

"Yeah, let's just get it over with. We failed anyway." We stood at the back of the line behind everyone else when finally it was our turn.

I took a deep breath and we placed Louise on Mr.Walters' desk together and our hands overlapped each-others.

"You get an 'A'." Mr.Walters barely whispered as he stared at the doll.

"Wait, what?" Louis asked in disbelief.

"You get an 'A'. You two were the only people who actually understood this project. It wasn't about looking after a doll. It wasn't about learning responsibility or even about learning what a human baby is like. It was about putting aside your differences and getting along. Doing your project together and actually managing to come out a better person because of it. That is why I put you two together. You two couldn't have done this project better."

Both Louis and I along with the rest of the class stood there in shock with our mouths wide open.

Never in my life did I expect to get an 'A' on a project with Louis Tomlinson yet I just did.

"Congratulations you two. This is an actual congratulations. You managed to successfully complete the real Marriage and Baby Project."

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