The Marriage and Baby Project - A Louis Tomlinson Fanfic

"Rosie Moore. You will be partnered with....." He waved his hands around above a piece of paper while covering his eyes. JUST TELL ME! "Louis Tominson" I actually started laughing.
"You're joking right?" The whole class was silent apart from a few 'oohs' started by Zayn Malik. Another one of the populars. There's basically five boys I can't stand in this school. Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and the devil himself Louis Tomlinson. Now i'm freaking married to the guy. I've been partnered with my rival Louis Tomlinson in The Marriage and Baby Project...


8. Disappointment, Pitchy Singing and Memories Flooding Back?


Rosie's POV:

I arrived back at my house in less than ten minutes. I spent the whole journey trying to think of what exactly happened last night.

The last thing I fully remember is Hallie and Louis making out....come on think Rosie!

As I parked my car in the impressively long drive way of my house I began to panic. I hope to god my parents are still asleep.

I looked at my reflection in the rear view mirror. I look like Sloth from The Goonies! (if you don't know who that is I'll put a picture of him on the side).

Ok maybe I don't look that bad but I'm pretty close to it. My vibrant red hair was sticking up in all places which only convinced me more that I did in fact do the dirty thing, my lipstick had completely rubbed off my lips and was instead now all over my face and my skin was a dull grey colour with large dark circles under my eyes.

Let's not also forget the fact that I'm only wearing my underwear and sitting in a checked table cloth...

I crossed my fingers and squinted my eyes hoping that my parents wouldn't see me as I creeped in the hall door with the doll in one of my hands and my keys in the other.

Luckily my sister was the only one awake. Unluckily it was the sister I don't like...

The nineteen year old beauty was standing there glaring at me holding her morning cup of coffee. I rolled my eyes at her as she took a big loud slurp of it.

"Morning slut. Had a good time last night I see?" She said sarcastically eyeing me up and down, obviously guessing what I had been up to last night.

"At least I have a life out of school. Have a good time with our darling parents last night?" I shot back at her earning a scoff on my direction.

"Ladies ladies calm your tits!" Tyler the peace maker said as he held his arms out in defence while he walked down our grand staircase.

Why can't I have a small normal family like everyone else?

Next Leila shuffled down the staircase, her eyes glued to her phone as she crashed straight into Tyler. "Texting the boyfriend again?" he asked as she recovered before falling down the stairs. She blushed furiously before storming down the stairs and into the kitchen.

I don't know if I can even explain how weird this situation is. I'm standing here wearing a table cloth, holding a dirty baby doll, Valeria and I are having a bitch fight, Tyler is once again in just his boxers and Leila is having a strop.

Obviously everyone else wanted to join in on this family moment so of course mum and dad just have to walk down the stairs with Charlie.

So much for sneaking upstairs...

"Well it was nice having a catch-up with everyone but I must be going!" I rushed out as I began charging up the stairs.

No one stopped me this time but i'm guessing I'll be getting a lecture later on...

It's not hard to guess where I was or what I was doing. I know I'm a disappointment. I'm the person in the family who will never amount to anything great, the person who will probably never get married or have kids, the disappointment.

Tyler is in college studying to be a doctor, Valeria is starting college this year to be a lawyer, Leila is just going through a phase. She has the brains and I know she's going to do something great. Charlie is four and I know he's going to go to college, get the girl and have his own family...

Not me. All I want to do is act. I want to be an actress and travel the world. That is not the aim of the Moore family though...

I slammed my door shut wanting to be alone for the rest of the day. Not having to talk to anyone. I threw the doll on the bed and immediately regretted it for two reasons.

One I'm meant to be actually taking care of this thing and two it brought back everything from last night.


The music was louder than ever now and my vision was blurred. I've definitely overdone it this time.

I had now pulled off my red pumps and was walking, no scratch that, dragging myself around Louis' house.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together started blaring through the speakers and I started singing my head off to it.

Louis and I started a sort of duet to it in our screeching voices and started singing it to every single one of our ex's and that's a lot of people...

As the song ended my face and his were but inches away. We both leaned a 

In and I'm not sure if it was the alcohol or actual attractions that brought us together.

Our lips met and the taste of alcohol was clearly evident on both his and mine. There were immediate sparks that were nothing like the ones Harry and I shared. They were better...

Things got hot fast and before I knew it my legs were wrapped around his waist and he was pulling my dress of as he carried me to my car for 'privacy'.

Our lips didn't leave each-others once as I pulled the door open and we fell in.

I grabbed the doll that was on the back seat and threw it to the front out of the way so that we wouldn't hurt ourselves.

It landed on the dash board. I had completely forgotten the fact that the doll had a tiny camera in its eye.

Everything was being recorded....


Oh my god....

I collapsed to the floor in shock as I stared at the doll in front of me who was now once again crying.

Our teacher could have already seen that footage....

I fumbled through my bag as my hands were shaking, vigorously searching for my phone to call Louis.

"Hello?" He answered the phone completely unaware of what I had to tell him.

We are so dead....

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