Tick Tock

Emma Whitleigh has always had a dreamt of being a singer. When she auditioned for the X-Factor two years ago, she made it to the the beach house before she was told the unwanted news. Devastated, she did everything she could to get better, but she never got the courage to audition again. But when an unfathomable solution to her problem appears, she is quick to grab it. But will this solution be the best for everyone? Or will Emma be finding herself trying to locate someone who doesn't know their real talent?

(Be warned, this is a fanfiction, but not as gushy mushy as most. It is still enjoyable!)


3. Chapter 3

I was scared.

            My dad stood in front of a steaming machine, oiling it like it was the best thing he’d ever done. It was covered with buttons, flashing and blinking. It occasionally would make a screeching noise, and I’d recoil back, fearful of what this thing was.

            “Emma,” My dad started, putting his hand on the top of the mechanical monster. “This is my newest invention.” He paused, for dramatic effect, “A time machine.”

            I almost jumped out of my socks. “Sorry dad, you’re nuts. No one can crack time travel—“ I said, turning to go back upstairs. It was just too crazy. Time travel, please. It’s impossible! I heard the sound of my dad pushing some buttons behind me. Then there was a huge flash.

            I almost jumped out of my socks. “Sorry dad, you’re nuts. No one can crack time travel—“ I said, turning to go back upstairs. It was just too crazy. Time travel, please. It’s impossible! Then I froze. Wait, we just did this. I whipped around to face my dad, he was smirking, leaning against the “time travel machine” with his I-was-right face on.

            “Believe me now?” He asked.

            I nodded, shakily.

            “But it’s still not done, I have many glitches to figure out, and of course altering the past would change the future greatly. I wanted you to see this because, well, I wanted you to help me finish building it. Like bonding time,” He smiled, weakly. He was trying, he really was, but by now, this working time machine had caught my attention for a much different reason. “But you will not come down here unless I am with you, understand?”

            I nodded, not really paying attention, but instead looking at the buttons, understanding what all of them meant. The keypad was for an exact date and time, the green buttons were for the recent past, and the blue were for the past that was a little bit longer ago. The red ones were for the months, while the yellow were the exact date. It was all so fascinating.

            “Alright, Emma. It’s late, let’s get to bed.” My dad said, guiding me back up the stairs, my eyes still focused on the blinking buttons slowly growing fainter as we went upstairs.

            “Wow, Dad.” I said, heading up the stairs to my room, “That’s super cool, but school really whipped me today. I’m beat. Night!” I called, and slammed the door to my room.

            “Night.” I heard faintly from behind my door. And I waited.

            About an hour later, I heard my dad come up the stairs and go into his room. He shut the door and locked it, for “safety” he said. I smiled to myself, and snuck out of my room. Tip-toeing downstairs, I carefully pulled open the door to the lab. Being cautious not to let my footsteps be heard on the stairs, I took off my slippers and just went down in my socks. Then I was there. Right in front of the huge machine that could change my future, the life that I wished could be different. And now it could.

            I walked over to the keypad and typed in: “May 25, 2010.” Then I pressed enter.

            The whole machine lit up and the buttons were blinking rapidly. I pulled open the little door to the inside compartment of the machine and sat inside. Then there was a huge flash of a bright white light, blinding me, and the high pitched screech again. I shielded my eyes and felt the G-Forces pushing against my chest and holding me to my seat.  I may have let out a scream, but I couldn’t tell, my hearing was useless, all I could hear was a loud ringing in my ears. Then finally, it was silent. The machine stopped and I could move forward from my chair, I placed my hand on the capsule handle, and pulled it down, letting the light of the past pour into the machine.

            I was ready to change my fate.

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