Tick Tock

Emma Whitleigh has always had a dreamt of being a singer. When she auditioned for the X-Factor two years ago, she made it to the the beach house before she was told the unwanted news. Devastated, she did everything she could to get better, but she never got the courage to audition again. But when an unfathomable solution to her problem appears, she is quick to grab it. But will this solution be the best for everyone? Or will Emma be finding herself trying to locate someone who doesn't know their real talent?

(Be warned, this is a fanfiction, but not as gushy mushy as most. It is still enjoyable!)


2. Chapter 2

I woke up, startled, and scrambled to my feet. Where was I? My vision began to focus. The clubhouse! I had fallen asleep in the trees.  I slid down the ladder and was running in no time. I just had to make it home before my parents woke up…

                Finally, I turned the corner to my street, the bright sun shining ahead of me.  I ran up the steps to my house, my hand on the doorknob, when the door opened for me.

                “Emma.” My dad stood at the open doorway, his thin rimmed glasses pushed against his nose, his eyebrows furrowing in the way I knew he was angry with me.

                “Dad—" I started, but he was already dragging me inside.

                “How many times do I have to tell you, sneaking out is not appropriate for girls your age?” He sat me down on the expensive couch in our expensive living room. My dad was a scientist/engineer and he preferred his salary go to us living in luxury. “Now, we will deal with this when you get home. Go and get ready for school.”

                “Yes, Dad.” I said, and ran upstairs to my room. My clothes were sticky from the damp night, so I pulled them off and laid them on my dresser, with a note to Lacie explaining why my laundry was so disgusting.  I threw open the doors to my closet, looking at all of my school clothes, all identical, all boring.  Grabbing my plaid skirt, button down top, knee high socks, and my navy sweater, I proceeded to the bathroom.  I changed quickly, leaving time to fishtail braid my hair, and finish the look with a silver headband.  Done.  Boring and bland, just the way my dad liked it.

                I scurried back down the stairs, grabbing my bag on the way out.  I walked down my driveway, looking at all of the other fancy houses lining my street, then looking towards the park, seeing the little piece of rotting wood sticking out between the leaves.  I smiled to myself before sliding into the red convertible, my father’s favorite car, and driving out of Fisher’s Landing.

                 It took me twenty minutes to get to school.  I parked the car in the back of the parking lot, safe from most abusers, and tried to look pleasant. I went to St. Mary’s School for the Talented, where if you weren’t rich and didn’t show some sort of potiential, you were shunned.  Across the street was St. David’s School for Young Men, which was the same deal, just with hot guys. I wasn’t attracted to really any of them, but there were a few that I could maybe give my attention, however, my father was a strong believer in work, persistience, and dedication. There really wasn’t room for anything or anyone else in his lifestyle. Which is why, I suppose, my mom left him.

                “Emma!” Someone called. I turned around and saw Eleanor and Charity, my two best friends, skipping towards me.

                I smiled at them as Charity looped her arm in mine. "Good morning," I said, observing her twist on our school uniforms. She wore her skirt rolled up to the max, a cute navy sweater with a red plaid tie, and little lacy socks. Eleanor on the other hand, wore a navy sailor type dress, with plaid accents. They both looked chic compared to my tomboy plain uniform today. I really hadn't put much thought into it.

               "Why so quiet?" Eleanor chirps, her bright smile lighting up the hallway as we walk to our lockers.

                 "Bad morning." I reply shortly, turning the lock to my combinations as Charity and El do the same on either sides of me.

               "Dad issues?" Charity asks, pulling out her French textbook, then swapping it for her Chemistry notebook, realizing we didn't have French until after lunch.

               "Worst one yet." I say, slamming my locker closed. We move down the hallway, the other girls staring at us. I wasn't really fond of the attention, I liked being under the radar, but being hot like Charity, Eleanor and I were, attention was unavoidable.

               "Emma! LOOK!" Charity hissed at me, pointing out the window to the St. David's boys, coming across the lounging lawn to relax during lunch. Leading the pack was Devin Jameston. He strutted across our lawn and I watched Charity and Eleanor's jaws drop. "He is so gorgeous," Charity remarked, practically drooling.

               "Gross, Char." I said, and left them gaping at the window. As I walked past the commons, the screen lit up with a news report.

               "Just in girls! One Direction is visiting St. Mary's School for the Talented tonight for a charity concert. Don't get too excited though, it is only a small stop as the boys are in the middle of their second tour..." The reporter droned on.

              One Direction. I sighed. I'd always been a fan, seeing Liam at the auditions was stunning. I hadn't gotten to talk to him, in fact, I'd only ever spoken to Harry, but Liam was the one who had caught my eye.

             I shook my head. No, I needed to focus on important things, like schoolwork, and my clubhouse waiting in the park for me... I rammed into something hard.

            "Woah, earth to Emma? We have a slight problem here, Miss Whitleigh cannot watch where her feet are moving." Devin smirked his perfect sparking white teeth. "Hello, Emma."

            I rolled my eyes. "Devin."

           "No 'Hello"? No "Ohmahgod, Devin, you're so hot, I want you in my skirt'?" He teased, tugging on the fabric of my plaid skirt.

          I swatted his hand away. "In your dreams!" Then making large steps, I made my way to my Chemistry class.

          It seemed like forever for the bell signalling the end of Chemistry to ring. When it did, I ran out of the classroom, and to my locker. Preparing myself for the rest of the day.

          Practically the rest of school went like this: avoid Devin, History, gossip with El, lunch/avoid Devin, French, gossip with Charity, Calculus, done.

         By the time I got home, I was ready to crash. I flopped down on the couch, exhausted, just as my dad burst in through the doorway to his lab. He was covered in soot, crazy eyed, and jumping up and down. "Emma! Em! You need to see this! I just made an extreme break-through!"

        I sighed and got up from the couch. At least he wasn't mad at me anymore. Then I followed my jumping dad down the stairs to his laboratory.

         Then I saw it.

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