A Reason To Breathe *Harry Styles love story*

Chloe was just a small town girl from Carthage, Missouri, but her life isn't a normal one...or a happy one. What happens when a famous singer gives her a reason to breathe?


6. Why Don't I Believe Her?

*Harry's P.O.V*


I looked longingly at the door where Chloe just left. I sighed softly. I wish she didn't have to go. I'm still confused and a little ticked at whoever made her scared and why. Was it her...boyfriend? I shuddered at the thought as it practically broke my heart to think that she was taken. But why? I'm Harry Styles, the flirt, the one who's known for one night stands. But this girl...this girl is not like those girls. She's changing me and she doesn't know it. Heck, I barely know it. The only reason I know it is because I do NOT want to go and bring a girl home and...you know ;) and that's a first, even though I have been thinking about getting a girlfriend, none of the girls I've ever met, until Chloe, has made me want a relationship with them.


"HARRY!!!!!" Louis screamed. I jumped, startled. I turned around and looked at him with an annoyed look on my face.




He pouted at me. "Well, we've been trying to get your attention for like, the past five minutes, and you just ignored us."


"Aww, Lou, I'm sorry. I was just a little...distracted."


He smirked. "Distracted thinking about how fit Chloe is," Louis teased me in a sing-song voice.


"Ugh, shut up. I was not." I mentally snorted. Of course I was.


 "Whatever. We all know you're lying," Niall said with a huge smirk. All the boys mumbled their agreement.


I sighed and lightly smiled. "How could I not? She's just so...perfect," I said dreamily.


Liam smiled at me. "You haven't felt this way about a girl before, have you?"


I grinned. "No, but I love the feeling."


Liam walked up to me and patted me on the back. "I'm proud of you, Haz. Maybe she'll be the girl to tie him down, eh?" All the boys laughed. I just chuckled.


"Whatever, she probably doesn't like me, anyways," I said sadly.


"Are you kidding me? No girl can resist the curls," Louis said and slung his arm onto my shoulders.


"How do you know? She's different from other girls."


"Well she stayed when that Darcy girl was talking to you. Good enough reason?"


I smiled. "I guess."


"I'M HUNGRY!!!" Niall yelled. We all laughed.


"When aren't you hungry?" Zayn grinned.


Niall shrugged. "Oh well. How about I make us some grilled cheese sandwiches?" I offered. The boys cheered.


*Harry made the sandwiches and they're eating*


In the middle of our quickly made supper, my phone started ringing. I grabbed it from my jean pocket. Huh. Unknown number. "Hello?" I asked, my mouth stuffed with food, sounding muffled.


"He-, " the person cleared their throat. "Hey." It was a girl. I swallowed my food.


"Who is this?"


"It's Chloe." Yes! She called!!!


"Oh hey, Chloe! Sorry, I was just in the middle of eating," I said happily, desperately trying to keep the excitement out of my voice.


"Oh, I'm so sorry! I can call back later," she said. Wait a second, she sounds afraid. This must be something bad, not a friendly phone call.


"Oh no, it's ok," I said, worry clear in my voice. "What's wrong, Chloe?"


"Uh...I fell down the stairs and I got banged up pretty badly. It really hurts Harry, and there's a lot of blood," she replied, her beautiful voice dripping with pain.


"Please tell me you're joking? And that this is just some sick joke or some excuse to talk to me!!!" I pleaded.


"No, I'm not joking harry. Please help me!" She said and started to cry. Oh no!


"Oh god, I'm on my way! Wait, what about your parents?" Why is she calling me, why not them? They're at home with her anyway...right?


"Uhm, my mom is dead and my dad is on a really, really, EXTREMELY long business trip for work." She's alone?


"Wait, so you're all alone?"




"Huh..." I have an idea!!!


"What?" Chloe asked me in a confused voice.


"Oh nothing, just thinking... hey, why don't you come on tour with us?" I know the boys wont mind, but I'll just find some way to make Paul happy and let her stay...




"So you don't have to be alone all the time. Wait, is it ok with your dad?" Please say yes!


"Definitely." Thank god! Although that was a pretty quick answer...especially if her dad isn't even in the house. What's going on?


"Ok I'll be there soon. Just get your stuff packed."


"Ok. And one more thing."




"Don't knock on the door when you get here. Text me and I'll come to you, but I will probably need some help with my suitcases." I was confused, but agreed. The call ended after we said goodbye.


"Well guys, I need to go pick up Chloe. I'll explain later, bye!" I said to the boys as I rushed to the door. I hectically shoved my shoes on and grabbed the keys to the car and one of the cards to get into the hotel room. I ran down to my car as fast as I could, not bothering to try and take the elevator. I had to get there as soon as I could, and taking the elevator...you never know how long you might have to wait.


As I was driving to her house, I couldn't help but think, once again, that she was lying to me. I mean if her mom's dead and her dad's gone, why couldn't I just knock? I don't know why, but I just don't believe her.

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