A Reason To Breathe *Harry Styles love story*

Chloe was just a small town girl from Carthage, Missouri, but her life isn't a normal one...or a happy one. What happens when a famous singer gives her a reason to breathe?


2. I Hate Darcy

The attractive teenage boy looked confused, but eventually a look a realization dawned onto his gorgeous face. "Oh, umm, of course," he said in his sexy british accent. He set me on my feet as he cleared his throat. "So," he started as he recollected himself, "What's your name?"

"Chloe Baker. Who are you?" A look of surprise coated his face.

"You don't know?"

"Well, I'll admit you look familiar, but I don't know any British people."

"I'm H-"

"WAIT!" I frantically cut him off. 

"What?" He asked, puzzled.

"Give me a second, I wanna figure it out." He just grinned. "Uh..." I looked around at the five boys. Huh...five boys...British..."OHHHH!!! Your One Direction. Sorry, it just took me a second to figure it out," I said as I smiled smugly.

It was at that moment that I realized I was just openly talking. As I stood there, astonished, I heard the familiar screech of a girl I hated with a passion, "OH MY GOD!!!! IT'S ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! HARRY, GET AWAY FROM THAT FREAK AND COME TO ME!!!!" Then she appeared. Darcy Carter. Snotty, slutty, spoiled rich girl, born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

I quickly turned and walked around Darcy as she trampled onto Harry and started walking away as quickly as I could, but Louis grabbed my arm. Louis pulled me into his chest and wrapped his arm around me. I was about to protest when he started to whisper in my ear, "Don't go, just stay with us. We'll make her go soon enough. And don't say anything, just do it for Harry."

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