A Reason To Breathe *Harry Styles love story*

Chloe was just a small town girl from Carthage, Missouri, but her life isn't a normal one...or a happy one. What happens when a famous singer gives her a reason to breathe?


12. Harry's P.O.V of After the Plane Ride Up To When Chloe's in the Shower

Everyone on the plane started to get off after they announced our landing. I looked down at Chloe's beautiful face as she slept with her head on my shoulder. I smiled softly. She really doesn't realize how pretty she is. I decided to just carry her instead of waking her up. I gently got up, making sure her head was supported by my hand. I carefully slipped one arm beneath her knees and my other arm around her torso. She then, unconsciously, put her head in the crook of my neck and wrapped her arms around me. I could tell she was still asleep though. I sighed, relieved I didn't wake her up.

"Harry!" I heard Louis whine.


"Why are you carrying her had not me?" he said and wiped away fake tears as he pouted.

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever. Just go."

He looked at me suspiciously, but shrugged and skipped off the plane. What was that all about? Oh well. I got off the plane and took her to the limo that picked us up and settled Chloe gently onto my lap.

*At The Hotel Room*

I went into the room that I chose, carrying Chloe, and laid her onto the bed. I slipped off her shoes and socks and set them on the ground by our suitcases that Niall and Zayn helped bring in. I did the same with her jacket. I remembered that once she said that she said she doesn't like sleeping in pants as she started tossing and turning, her eyebrows furrowed in discomfort. I smirked. Oh well. She doesn't like sleeping in pants, so it's the polite thing to do.

When I had her pants to her knees, I heard someone clear their throat. I turned towards the door to see Liam standing here with his arms crossed. "What do you think you're doing?" he asked me disapprovingly.

"She doesn't like sleeping in pants, so I'm taking them off for her," I replied innocently.

He rolled his eyes. "You better not do anything to her."

"I wont. I swear."

He gently shook his head at me. "Whatever you say." With that he walked away, towards the room Niall and him are sharing. Did I mention that we're in the only room that has one bed?

I got her pants off and put them with everything else and pulled the covers back. I slipped her underneath and put the covers over her. I stripped down to nothing and got in bed with her, even though I was probably going to regret it tomorrow. She turned around and faced me in her sleep. She really does move around a lot in her sleep. She just about killed my shin last night when she kicked it. She might not look like it, but she's pretty strong. I watched her peaceful face as she slept, her eyes twitching every once in a while. I slowly drifted off to sleep.

*In The Morning*

"Harry!" I heard Chloe screech as I fell onto the ground. She screamed again and covered her eyes. I smirked. I guess she found out I was naked. "OH MY GOSH, HARRY! WHAT THE HECK?!?!" She sounds mad.

I groaned and rubbed my head since I hit it on the floor. I beamed up at her. "Good morning, love. Sleep well?" I asked her, my voice husky from just waking up. She took her hands off her eyes and glared at me, apparently forgetting I'm naked. Her eyes widened in horror and she smashed her face into her pillow. Ha. 'Horror.'

"Put some freaking clothes on! You've scarred me for life!" she yelled, her voice muffled from the pillow.

I chuckled, holding in a snort. "Yeah right. I bet you loved it," I said as I smirked.

"I did not! Now put on clothes NOW! The longer you take, the madder I'll be!" she threatened.

I snorted. "Like you could do anything," I said, even though I'm pretty sure she can.


"Okay, okay," I cut her off, remembering the kick from the other night. I slipped on some boxers and pants. "There. I have pants on. You can look now."

"If you are still naked."

I rolled my eyes. "I'm not, I'm not."

"Ok." She slowly sat up and looked at me cautiously. She breathed a sigh of relief. She then got up and punched me very hard in the arm. I grasped it as I groaned in pain. I fell to the floor for the second time today. Oh my gosh that hurt!!!

I then heard the boys' laughter as she joined in. When they finally stopped, I asked,"Why were you guys laughing? Aren't you supposed to help me?" I whined.

"Well you deserved it, I mean you WERE in her bed naked. I guess she's stronger than she looks," Louis said. Well then! I stuck out my bottom lip.

"But Boobear!"

"Aww! I'm sorry honey! Are you okay???" Louis said and rushed to me. He started looking at the now forming blue bruise.

"Well, I'm going to take a shower. Go get some breakfast or something. I'll be starving when I get out," Chloe said.

"Ok!" Niall chirped and the boys left. Chloe grabbed some clothes and went into the bathroom.

Louis stood up and help out his hand. "Come on. Let's go to the living room." I nodded and grabbed his hand. He pulled me up and we walked in silence to the living room. We sat down on a couch. "So. I'm just going to be blunt."

"Okay?" I said, confused at why he was so serious all of a sudden.

"You like Chloe, don't you," he stated more than asked. I froze as my eyes widened in shock. Lou gave me an amused look. I sighed as my shoulders slumped.

"Is it that obvious?" I asked, looking up at Lou hopelessly.

He smiled. "To everyone except Chloe. I just wanted to confirm our thoughts. We were right!" he exclaimed and fist pumped. I chuckled. "So, are you going to do something about it?" he asked.

I sighed deeply. "I don't know. I don't think she likes me..." I trailed off.

Lou snorted. "Puh-lease! She ADORES you!" he said as he dropped his arm around my shoulders and grinned at me.

"Are you sure?"

He rolled his eyes playfully. "Duh."

I licked my lips. "Soon...I have an idea!"

"What???" Lou asked me excitedly.

I told him.

He grinned at me once again. "That sounds perfect."
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