A Reason To Breathe *Harry Styles love story*

Chloe was just a small town girl from Carthage, Missouri, but her life isn't a normal one...or a happy one. What happens when a famous singer gives her a reason to breathe?


15. First Date- Part 2- Rose- Part 1

A/N so I was in the middle of writing this chapter that was going to be super long, but then my kindle decided to be a fucking asshole and exit out of the Internet with all of my writing gone. Made me freaking pissed off. But I'm going to be writing this in parts and I promise I will write one part every day. Okay? Okay.

I looked out the window to see the boys waving at me. I rolled down the window and flipped them off, smiling sweetly. I ignored their yells as I rolled the window up. I looked around the luxurious limo. It had soft seats lining it with hardwood flooring. It also had a mini fridge.

I wonder what's happening.

The limo came to a stop as the door next to me opened to reveal Paul. He held out his hand. I took it and he helped me out. "Just do what the notes say." With that he climbed back into the limo and drove away. I shrugged and opened the note.

I hope the boys did what they were suppost to. But even if they messed up, you would still be the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. So, you will be getting a dozen roses and each will be a symbol of something I love about you. I don't care if it's too early to say that or not. Like what Paul hopefully said, do what the notes say. When you have 12 roses, that's when you will know this is over. I can't wait to see you.

Symbol- I love your sparkling hazel eyes.

Go in the front door.

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