A Reason To Breathe *Harry Styles love story*

Chloe was just a small town girl from Carthage, Missouri, but her life isn't a normal one...or a happy one. What happens when a famous singer gives her a reason to breathe?


20. First Date - Part 2 - Rose - Final

Suddenly, I saw Harry. As my eyes widened, I could tell that I was starry eyed. I couldn't help it, anyway. Harry was dressed in a nice, simple suit; just black pants, a white dress shirt, a black jacket, and a light blue tie that matched my belt. 

"Hey. I hope you liked what I've planned?"

"Liked?" I laughed. "I LOVE it!!! Nobody's ever done anything like this for me before!"

Harry chuckled lightly and looked at me. He grinned his beautiful dimpled smile. "You look beautiful," he muttered as he softly took my hands into his as he pulled me into his chest. "The Way You Look Tonight" by Elton John started playing. Harry put my arms over my shoulders and wrapped his arms around my waist. We started swaying. "Something about the way you look tonight...takes my breath away..." Harry sung softly. I lightly smiled and laid my head onto his chest. 

We danced for the rest of the song, and when it was over, he pulled away, grabbing my hands, and smiled at me. "Come on, I have the rest of the roses at the table." He started leading us to a little table with my favorite food, grilled salmon with wild grain rice and pickled beets. 

Harry sweetly pulled out my chair for me. "Thanks," I said as I blushed. 

He smiled at me. "It's no problem." Harry walked around the table and sat down. "Well, you can start eating now," he chuckled as he picked up his fork. 

That night we ate, talked, and laughed. Harry drove us back to the bus around 11. Everyone was asleep, but we weren't tired. Harry and I stayed up until around 4 A.M. quietly talking, watching T.V., and playing video games. We fell asleep on the couch while we were just talking, and I was laying on his chest while he was twirling my hair through his fingers. 

This night was the best night I had ever had before in my life. I'm just glad he didn't have a concert tomorrow.

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