A Reason To Breathe *Harry Styles love story*

Chloe was just a small town girl from Carthage, Missouri, but her life isn't a normal one...or a happy one. What happens when a famous singer gives her a reason to breathe?


21. Caught in the Act

As I drowsily awoke, I heard the boys. I opened one of my eyes to see the four of them around a magazine, trying to hold in their snickers, but failing. I glanced behind me to see that Harry was still asleep. I lightly hit him in the head to wake him up. He bolted up, almost knocking me off of the couch.

"What was that for?" Harry asked me in his deep morning voice.

I ignored his comment and asked him, "What's up with them?" and pointed back to the boys.

Harry looked at me with an annoyed look on his face. "How am I supposed to know? You just woke me up."

"I don't know," I said dismissively. "Now why don't you go find out?"

"Ugh," he complained, but did it anyway. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me into his chest. "Hey! What are you doing over there?" Harry questioned them in a voice a little bit less than a shout. I glared at him for yelling in my ear. He just rolled his eyes and smiled at me. Oh, who am I kidding? I can't stay mad at those dimples for very long, so I smiled back at him and turned my attention to Louis, who was starting to talk.

"Well, look at these two lovebirds on the cover of this magazine. Aren't they adorable? They look a little familiar to me...what about you boys?" Louis said as he smirked.

They boys all said their agreements at the same time as Harry reached out and took the magazine into his hands.

"What the hell?!" Harry said in a slightly angered voice.

"What's wrong?" I asked him with a concerned look on my face.

"Do you not see this?!"

I looked at the magazine more closely and realized that there was a picture of us on it from last night that was taken while we were dancing together. My eyes widened. "Oh my god," I said softly as I covered my mouth with my hand in disbelief. I don't exactly understand why it's such a big deal, but since Harry's getting angry, I suspect it isn't a very good thing at all. But how did they find us? "What does this mean now?" I asked Harry.

As I looked at him, Harry lightly pinched the top of his nose as he stared at the magazine. He sighed and started talking. "There are so many things...I'm just scared of what's going to happen to you..." he trailed off.

"What are you talking about?" I asked him, confused.

"The Directioners! Some of them can be very vicious. There's the truly dedicated ones who support all of our relationships, no matter what, even if they aren't happy with it. All that matters to those Directioners is that we are happy in our relationships. But the other ones all have this idea that they're the only person who can be with us, and are just...amazingly mean to our girlfriends. They call them ugly and fat, they threaten to hurt them if they don't break up with us, and the worst...they even threaten to kill our girlfriends. It's happened to Eleanor, Danielle when her and Liam were still a couple, Perrie, all of them. Even though they've been together for years, some Directioners still can't accept it and still threaten them. I just don't want that to happen now to you."

"Oh," I trailed off. I had no idea it was that bad. I know there are some crazed fans out there, but really? Threatening them?

"Uh, " Liam started and looked at me with a worried, concerned look on his face. "Just...just don't get onto Twitter. Please."

"Why? Now that you said that, I want to now. I hadn't even thought of it before now."

"Nice going, Liam," Louis said as he came over to me. He crouched down in front of me and took my hands into his like a best friend does. "Just trust us, okay? Don't look at it," he said as he stared straight into my eyes.

"...okay, if it really means that much to you guys."

"It really does. Thank you. We just don't want to see you get hurt," Louis said as he smiled at me.

I was going to look. No matter what they say about it, I'm going to look. Besides, whatever they say to me, it can't be worse than what I say to myself.

"Well, Niall and I are going to go get some food for you two lovebirds...and Harry and Chloe," Louis said as he smiled to himself.

"Shut up, Louis," Zayn finally spoke up, jokingly.

"Whatever...goodbye all! And by the way...Harry, Chloe...you two make an adorable couple. We all knew it would happen sometime." Louis grinned at us as he trampled down the stairs and ran to catch up to Niall.

I looked down, blushing.

"Come on, how about we go get changed? I don't think you would exactly want to wear that dress constantly," Harry joked.

"Yeah," I agreed. But actually...I wouldn't mind wearing this constantly. It's the dress I wore to Harry and I's first date. Why would I ever want to take it off?

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