Defying the odds

Harry styles love story


6. Surprise

Chapter 6

I woke up the next morning to Harry's FaceTime still running. I smiled at his sleeping face and ended the call. I got out of bed and pulled on a gray sweater shirt and some comfortable dark denim jeans. I let my long  hair out of its braid and it fall wavy over my shoulders. I put a small bow clip on to brush back my bangs and I put some light brown boots on. I only put mascara on and I got into my car. I called  up harry and he said he'd come to pick me up. I gave him directions and he showed up  not long after. He got out of his car and hopped into mine. I was confused but he said "I'm letting you show me around" I smiled and hopped into my car, I knew exactly where to Take him. I drive the familiar way to my hangout. We popped out the car and I sat on the rock that I had given my first kiss on, I smiled at the memory and Harry joined me. I looked into his green eyes and he smiled down at me.  "what's on your mind?" he asked as I placed my head on his shoulder, "might be going away for a while, starting tomorrow." he nodded and said "I'm leaving for a while too. It's just temporary, but we can still FaceTime." I nodded and we just sat there smiling and talking. We got back into my car and he offered to drive. We got back to my house and he walked me to the door. " I had a great time." he said smiling I nodded and he was about to leave. He turned to go and I called "wait harry" he turned back and I pressed my lips to his. It was a short kiss, just 10 seconds long, but it was perfect. He smiled and walked back to his car. I waved him goodbye and walked inside. I leaned my back against the door and slowly slid down it. I lightly touched my lips with my fingers and smiled. I had never felt that feeling in a while. I walked into the living room, it was only 3 and I was singing with joy. 
Harry's POV 
I walked her up to her door and said goodbye. I wanted to kiss her so badly, but I didn't want to push my luck. I told her goodbye and I heard her say quickly "wait Harry" I spun around my heart beating fast not knowing what was coming next as she pressed her lips to mine. I was shocked and I felt butterflies grow in my stomach as she pulled away. I looked into her green eyes speechless as she walked back to her doorframe. She smiled as I walked down into my car. I backed out of the driveway and drove away. I'm going to miss her when I leave for my dorm in the Xfactor. But it's my dream, and I can't work in a bakery forever.
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