Defying the odds

Harry styles love story


1. Nandoes

Defying the odds
Hi! I'm Madeline, Madeline Blackwell. I'm 17 years old and I live in London,England. I have strawberry blonde hair and bright green eyes. these past few years were crazy and I can't wait to tell you why

Chapter 1, 
It was 6 am  febuary 2010 and I was too hyped for sleep. In less than 3 hours I was going to be in line for auditions for my favorite tv show, X-factor. XFACTOR!!!! I mean I could get famous! Ahhhh! I sang my audition song over and over again in my car. I sang as I got to a bakery shop. I pulled into a parking spot and walked in. A cute curly headed brunette was behind the counter as I ordered 3 chocolate doughnuts. He smiled as he handed me the bag "have a great day beautiful" he said winking at me "thankyou you too..Harry" I said reading his name tag. I walked out of the shop and sat in my car. I pulled out and drove to a place my friends and I used to go when we were in grade was a small lake next to a bridge that Was a few minutes from my house. I smiled at all the memories I made here. I had my first kiss on the rock that I parked next to, I met my best friend abigail near the shore. But now, here I am, making new memories here now, the day I get my big break. Wow! I sat on the soft grass and opened my donut bag. I took a napkin out and saw writing on it. It read "call me sometime;)" I smiled as I programmed the number into my phone. I looked out to the sunrise eating doughnuts and just thinking. I figured it was time to leave because it was 7:30 so I collected my things and hopped in my car. I drove to my flat and got dressed for the audition. I Put on a graphic teeshirt and a leather jacket. I paired it with dark denim jeans and combat boots. I applied light makeup and lightly curled my hair. I packed a purse full of food and jumped into my car. I drove to the  dome where the auditions were held. Awesome idea to come An hour early, nobody was here except for a few people. I parked in a rather good spot and stepped into the line. 19.20..21st. I was number 21. I could barely breathe as I sat next to the people who were sitting in the line. I can't believe I'm actually here!  I introduced myself to a woman named cher Lloyd. She was nice and we talked for a while. The smirk I had on my face grew wider as the doors opened and people started pouring in. I got my number and sat in a chair that I was assigned to. Butterflies ran through my stomach as they called my number
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