Defying the odds

Harry styles love story


3. I'll take you to the candy shop;)

Chapter 3
I'll take you to the candy shop ;)

It was early in the morning and my flat was lit with only the small rays of sun coming from my bedside window 7am, perfect, time for a jog! I loved my morning jogs, they were perfect for thinking and afterwords I always feel great! I laced up my running shoes and threw my hair In a messy bun. I took my iPod and listened to my favorite playlist. I hummed along as I ran. I took a turn down my regular street and saw a car slow down next to me. I stopped and took my earphones off. I turned to look at the car and the driver rolled the windows down.. "Harry?" I asked as I recognized the adorable mess of dark messy curls " hey doughnut girl," he said with a playful wink I rolled my eyes and laughed "almost didn't recognize you without all the flour on your clothes." he smiles and asked "are you too busy to text me or something?" he said with a frown I laughed and said "you don't even know my name" he said "id like to" with a cheeky smile. I rolled my eyes and said "what makes you think I'll tell you?" I said playfully he pretended to look hurt and said "because your going out with me tonight and it be nice to know!" i rolled my eyes and said "it's madeline, Madeline Blackwell. " he smiled and said, well madeline, meet me at the park at 3 today, see you then" and then. Before I had time to object he sped away. I smiled to myself as I put my earphones back on and continued my jog, this could be fun, i mean, he looks like a nice guy right? Well after my usual hour of running i finally got home. I flopped on the couch and turned the tv on. On the commercial I went to take a shower. Maybe I would call Harry after I got out.. I washed my hair and towel dried it. I brushed my teeth and got dressed in a nice button up white shirt and dark wash skinnies. My hair fell wavy on my shoulders as I ate icecream on the couch watching reruns of I love Lucy. I laughed when I realized that I ate all the icecream. So much for loosing weight. O well. I never stick to these stupid health kicks for long, I saw my phone from across the room and bit my lip. Was it time? Or should I just wait till tonight. I shook my head, wow, this kid is really gettin to me.
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