Defying the odds

Harry styles love story


9. Happy?

Chapter 8

I stood there on the side stage with my brow furrowed. What the hell is happening?! As Harry turned he locked eyes with me and gave me a thumbs up. I smiled at him and as he walked off in my direction with the other 4 boys he picked me up in a hug. "what the heck just happened?" I asked when he looked at me. He grabbed my hand and said " I honestly don't know! We're in a band apparently!" he said pointing to the 4 boys. I smiled and said "so your in?" he nodded and I hugged him tight.  The boys introduced themselves and I smiled "Louis,Liam,Niall,and Zayn." I said pointing to each one. Niall said with a smile "we know who you are, Madeline Blackwell! You were. Brilliant!" I smiled and said "thankyou" Harry's face turned red as we were ushered through a backdoor,"my flat anyone?" Liam looked puzzled "you have a flat? Your only 17I nodded and said "parents in America, their scientists and I chose to stay. They trust me so I saved up for a flat." they nodded and said "cool!" I led them to my car and they all jumped in. I drove the usual way to my flat downtown, and we parked in front. I unlocked the door and we walked inside.They all sat on the couch as Niall saw my guitar. He stood up and picked it up and started to tune it. "you play?" he said smiling at me as he strummed a tune I shook my head "never got around to lessons" Niall stopped playing and said with a charming smile "I'll teach you" I nodded and said "that would be brilliant!" he smiled. And continued playing. Harry said with a red face "I'm jut gunna get some water." I could tell he was upset about something so I followed him. "Harry?" I asked as I walked up behind him. He turned to face me and said "I'm sorry, I just can't stand to see guys flirting with you." he looked down and his head hung down.  I smiled and Lifted his chin with my finger,"you have nothing to worry about, I like you" he smiled and we touched our foreheads together and we intertwined our fingers. "isn't she lovely..." he began to sing as I wrapped my arms around his neck and his snaked around my waist. Our lips were almost touching when Louis interrupted us. He said with a laugh "KISS KISS KISS KISS! " Harry was laughing and I blushed. We walked into the living room Louis close behind as we sat down. Niall asked in a voice that was one toned "so you guys are an item?" I looked at Harry when he said "maybe" and smiled. His fingers interlaced with mine as I leaned onto him. We all talked until it was 6 and the guys said they needed to get home. I drive them home in my car and when Harry and I got back to my house he grabbed my waist. He looked into my eyes biting his lip, " now where were we?" he said smiling. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his.  It was soft at first and then grew passionate. My hands intertwined in his hair as we kissed on the couch. We broke away as I sat up and smiled at him. "movie?" I asked as he kissed my hand. He nodded and walked with me to choose one. I chose titanic and Harry nodded his approval. Tomorrow was our first real day a the dorms and I wanted to savor this night. We watched the movie.
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