Defying the odds

Harry styles love story


10. Good morning beautiful

Chapter 9
Goodmorning beautiful  

"good morning beautiful, how was your night? Mine was wonderful with you by my side.." I woke up to Harry singing in my ear with me wrapped in his arms. I smiled and whispered "morning" he kissed my forehead and I sat up. We were still on the couch and the movie was paused. I got up and said "goin to take a shower" i said leaning down to kiss him one last time. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. I turned the shower on and hopped in. "love me love me say that you love me.." I started to sing as I washed my body. I got out and dried off, still singing. I got dressed and combed through my hair. I sprayed my favorite perfume on and walked out. I was face to face with Harry, "nice voice love" he said with a cheeky smile. I rolled my eyes and punched his shoulder. My bags were already loaded in the car from yesterday, so all I  have to do is get in. Before We left, Harry made us breakfast. He poured some pancake batter on the skillet and I walked up to him. "and yet again, covered in flour." I said putting some flour on his cheek with my pointer finger. He smiled and with the flour, drew a heart on my cheek. We started kissing, it got passionate and i was sitting on the counter with his arms around me, after a while I noticed something "Harry?" I asked and he smiled "yes?" I pointed to the pancakes and said "the pancakes" he laughed at the burnt pancakes and said with a sigh "McDonald's?" I smiled and nodded as he turned off the skillet and pressed near me. He pushed a stray strand of hair from my face as his lips met mine one more time. His hands were around my waist and mine were on his chest. We pulled apart and we walked out the door into the cool morning air. He got into my car and I smiled at him. "You ready?" I asked him as I turned my car on he nodded and I pulled out. I looked at Harry and realized with a laugh, we still had the flour on our faces.We arrived at the group of small homes that were going to be where we called home for the next few weeks. I smiled as I realized Harry and I were next door. He helped me unload my bags and his were already in his room. I looked at him puzzled but he said "I had already brought them" I nodded and started to make my room more like home. I took a wet cloth and pulled Harry close. I wiped his cheek clean and then kissed it. He smiled and wiped the flour heart off my cheek as well. He looked at me for a long while and he kissed me. He pulled me close and we fell onto the bottom bunk of the bed. We kissed and his hands held my waist. My hands were tangled in his hair as I heard the door open. "hi I'm cher-" the girl I met in line said as she noticed us on the bottom bunk. "sorry I didnt mean to interrupt something" my face turned red as I said "sorry! I mean you didnt interrupt," I sat up next to Harry as Cher smiled at me "nice to see you again, and I'm going get nandos, I'll leave you two to it" I suddenly remembered how hungry I was when the door closed and Harry immediately started kissing my neck. He trailed up to my jaw then to my lips and we laid back down onto the small bunk. my stomach was just going to have to wait. I thought silently as he slipped his hands into my back pockets. And I kissed his jaw. He tried to unzip my shirt and I said "not yet Harry" he stopped and just looked into my eyes "I'll wait for you" he said with a light kiss to my forehead. I smiled and kissed his cheek as louis ran in "WHAT I MISS?!" he screamed referring to Harry and I on the bunk, I blushed and said "oh nothing much" we all laughed and cher walked in again with 3 bags of food. Thank god!
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