Defying the odds

Harry styles love story


7. Bootcamp

Chapter 7,

As I packed my Last bag into my car I Hopped in the front seat. I said one final goodbye to my flat as I pulled out. I planned on going for doughnuts to say goodbye to Harry, but when I got there it was a woman behind the counter instead. I was disappointed I didnt see him before Bootcamp, but he was only a phone all away. As I drive out of the parking lot I started to sing softly along with the radio. I finally got to the done and there were people actually, hundreds of people screaming as I got out. I stood there puzzled, expecting to see somebody famous when I realized they were screaming for me.. I Walked into the door and with a puzzled expression sat down on my assigned seat. Simon came in to tell us good luck and I remembered one crucial thing I had forgotten.. We were supposed to have a song prepared. "shit!" I said under my breath as I though of What I would do. I decided to sing free Fallin by john Mayer at the last second and as my name was called I gave the man my iPhone to hook up. I was so nervous when I got onstage that I had to look above the judges eyes in order not to faint. The music started and I began slowly "she's a good girl..loves her mama.. Loves jesus and America too.." the crowd went crazy and I continued to the chorus "now I'm free.. Free Fallin Fallin" after the chorus Simon stopped me and I went backstage. I received high dives from the crew when I heard a familiar voice come onto the sound speakers "isn't she Lovley.. Isn't she wonderful.." I gasped, but quickly shook the thought out of my head, it couldn't be. I was called back onstage and Simon said for me to step forward. I looked around me and there were 5 boys, one blonde, one dark brunette with tan skin, one with light golden hair, one with dark brown straight hair and another with dark curly brown hair. "Harry?" I said aloud, forgetting I was onstage. His eyes opened wide when he saw me and simon said "first row your through." I cheered because I was in it, but then realized.. Harry didnt make it.
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