Defying the odds

Harry styles love story


8. Alone

Chapter 8,

I stood there shocked as Harry walked offstage. I met up with him after I had walked off myself. He had tears in his eyes and I hugged him. "I'm so sorry!" I said feeling like a total bitch. He smiled and said "it's okay" he hugged me back as we walked into a small room. In that room were the 4 boys from the stage sat with their hands covering their face. I stood there shocked and upset that I, a girl who didn't even have a song prepared made it through, while these people probably practiced this song for days months or even years. I heard a man say on a loud speaker "can we have the following return to the stage: Liam payne Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Harry Styles..." I stopped listening when I heard his name. I looked into his scared eyes as he solemnly stood up and walked with the other people, leaving me alone, in a crowd of strangers I sat down with my hands burying my face as I thought of how Harry must be feeling. I heard a loud roar from the stage and I walked out the door and peeked my head out to the stage and saw the four boys and Harry hugging eachother in a huddle next to another huddle of girls. I was so confused as I heard Simon say "congratulations" I saw harry give me a thumbs up as I stood confused. What just happened?
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