Defying the odds

Harry styles love story


5. Aftermath

Chapter 5 

Phone convo:
M: hey:) its Madeline
H: hey love;)
M:had an awesome day!
H: me too.. Again tomorrow? 
M:sure, same place?
H:nope! Surprise;)
I smiled as I read our convorsations over and over. This guy... I took a quick shower and changed into pajama pants and a tank top. I pulled my hair into its regular  braid as I watched old films on the couch. I ate popcorn and wondered what I would be doing with Harry tomorrow. 
M:so what's up?
H:being bored on the couch;(
M:me too
H:want me to change that?
H:give me a second..
I sat there confused as he tried to FaceTime me. I accepted the call and we were face to face in less than 2 seconds. He smiled and we watched the film together. He used some funny chat up lines pretending like he was actually here. We ended up talking all night and Fell asleep to each other. He sang me to sleep and I smiled as my eyes closed. 

(authors note, ik it's short sorry!)
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