A Game of Lies

It's always been Juliet's dream to move to London, and after her and her best friend Cassidee finally make it there, she runs into one person she was least expecting. When falling in love with Harry Styles seems to come so easily, Juliet thinks that nothing could go wrong for her. She thinks that she has finally caught a break. Wrong. After getting tangled up in a game of lies, and getting her heart broken, Juliet is left with a huge burden upon her. Will she be able to ever forget her past and be happy again? We she ever get the true love she has been wishing for?


8. You're Mine


Harry’s POV


            I woke up the next morning in the guest bedroom. After putting Juliet to bed I didn’t want to disturb her, so I had slept in there. I quietly peeked into my room, and surely enough she was still asleep. It was about 7:00 or so, I had woken up a bit early, but I didn’t mind. I hadn’t really gotten a lot of sleep last night anyway. I couldn’t stop thinking about Juliet’s story. It sickened me that someone as sweet and loving as her could have gone through something that awful. It killed me inside to think that at one point she doubted her existence, that she had even thought about taking her life away. She deserved to be told every second that she was beautiful, that she was perfect in every single way. After she told me her story it just made me want to love her even more then I already do, and although it’s only been a few weeks, I feel closer to her than any other girl I’ve ever met. She makes me want to hold her in my arms to keep her safe forever, to give her anything she wants because she deserves it. I’ve never felt this way about anyone else in my life, and I wanted to keep it that way.

            She was also right about me really confirming our relationship. She deserved to be shown off to the world, I could finally call her mine, finally hold her hand in public. I was just worried about all the hate. She’s already been through so much, she didn’t need to be hurt again. But she told me she could handle it, so I believed her.

            I decided for now, a tweet would be good enough to get the news out in public: @Jules_Welsch You’re beautiful, and you’re mine :) xx

            I decided something cheesy and cute would probably go along a bit better for the fans. However I still knew there would be many that would hate on her. I would make sure she’d never believe them though. I would make sure she knows she’s beautiful.

            I immediately started to get tons notifications of fans replying, most of them were just things like ‘Are you two dating?’ and ‘Is this the girl you’ve kept being seen with?’. There were a few saying she was super pretty, and also a few very mean ones, along with the occasional extremely inappropriate one which I also did not appreciate. I just ignored them though, not really being in the mood to respond.

            I decided to go to Starbucks and get some coffee since Juliet was still asleep and I had nothing else to do. I quietly snuck back into my room, putting on a t-shirt and some jeans, left a note telling Juliet where I’d be, and headed out.


Juliet’s POV


            I woke up entangled in the covers of Harry’s bed. Peering at the clock, it was almost 7:30. I got out of bed and shuffled into the kitchen expecting to find Harry somewhere, instead I found a note.

            Morning love, went you go get coffee. Be back in a few.

                                                                                                -Harry xx

p.s. You’re beautiful :)

            I smiled at how cute he was, ever since last night he seemed determined to make me feel beautiful. I was extremely glad that I had told Harry my story. It was already making our relationship stronger, I also felt I could now trust him with just about everything. It relieved me that when I told him he didn’t really say anything about it, didn’t ask questions, and didn’t criticize me. That was what I had been most scared about. I was also afraid it would make him think I was some sort of suicidal freak, make him leave me. But it in fact just drew him closer to me. And to think this had all happened during the course of a few weeks.

            I decided to check my twitter, which I rarely used, while I waited for Harry to get back. But when I opened it, my notifications were crazy. What on earth? Last time I checked I had maybe 100 or so followers, now I had over a thousand. As I scrolled through all of my mentions one caught my eye, and also explained the instant gain in followers.

            From @Harry_Styles: @Jules_Welsch You’re beautiful, and you’re mine :) xx

            Harry had finally told the world about me, about us. I smiled ear to ear, so happy about this. Although some of the mentions from his fans were quite mean, and others quite provocative, I didn’t even care. The only thing that mattered to me was that Harry cared enough about me to announce me to the world.

            Just as I was locking my phone I heard Harry walk through the front door, humming some song I didn’t recognize.

            “Good morning love,” he cooed as he walked into the kitchen, “Sorry I took a bit longer than I expected, Starbucks was swapped.”

            “It’s fine,” I said, “Just woke up anyway.”

            “I got you a hot chocolate, I know you don’t like coffee,” he said pulling me in and giving me a kiss.

            “What was that for?” I asked.

            “What? I can’t kiss my girlfriend?” wait, did he just call me his girlfriend?

            “Girlfriend, I like the sound of that,” I smiled. He chuckled a bit at this, giving me another small peck on the lips.

            “I saw you’re tweet by the way,” I said as I sat on the bar stool near the island, sipping my caramel hot chocolate, my favorite. It almost surprised me he knew what I wanted, considering the only other he had really known what I ordered was the first day we had met.

            “Oh, did you?” he replied, leaning on the counter across from me.

            “Yeah, honestly you could’ve done a bit more with it, I didn’t find it cheesy enough,” I joked.

            “Well next time I’ll be sure to add some more cheese,” he said.

            “That was an awful joke,” I said, shaking my head. He just smiled cheekily in return.

            “So,” I said hoping off the stool, “What shall we do today?”

            “Well we could go shopping,” Harry suggested.

            “But it’s Saturday, don’t you think that there’ll be a lot of people out?” I said.

            “That’s the point,” Harry said, pulling me close to him again, “That way I can show off my girlfriend.”

            I smiled, shaking my head a bit, “You know I’m not the kind of girl who needs you to buy me tons of things though,”

            “Maybe I want to,” he replied.

            “What happens if I say no?” I asked playfully.

            “Then I’ll force you to come with me,”

            “And how does that work?”

            “Trust me, I have my ways. I’m very…..persuasive,” he whispered into my ear.

            “Oh god Harry,” I said, lightly pushing him away. He laughed, and I myself chuckled a bit at this. “I’m going to go get dressed,” I said as I headed towards Harry’s room. I had now learned to start keeping a few extra changes of clothes at Harry’s house, just in case I ended falling asleep there and needed some in the morning, which was happening quite often now. I changed out of the clothes I’d worn to bed and into a pair of skinny jeans, a simple navy blue blouse, with a white cardigan on top of that, and my favorite white converse. I also threw a beanie over my messy curls. It was the usual, nothing special at all.

            “Ready to go,” I said as I walked back into the kitchen.

            “You look great,” Harry said smiling as I walked in.

            “This is how I always look,” I said.

            “Right,” he replied, “You always look great,” he said pulling me in for another quick kiss.

            I smiled, “Right then, let’s go,” I said pulling away and heading for the door.


            Harry and I had spent a couple hours in different stores downtown. He insisted on buying me a few things, so I ended up getting a new pair of shoes to add to my extensive collection, and a dress that I thought was way too expensive, but he insisted on buying me since I had expressed my love for it. I also believe part of reason was because he showed a little bit more skin than usual. After a while though, we both ended up getting a bit bored with roaming through the normal shops and ended up at some small store that sold vintage clothes, and were trying on the most ridiculous things they had in there.

            “So what do you think?” I said stepping out in the most ridiculous pink dress, that had about the most tool on it that I’d ever seen in my life, and the puffiest sleeves known to man.

            Harry just about burst out laughing when I walked out, doing a little twirl for effect. “Wow, you’re looking hot,” he said still laughing.

            “Oh, trust me I know,” I said joking, also laughing when I saw myself in the mirror.

            “Here this will make it even better,” Harry said, putting the most ridiculous hat I’ve ever seen on my head.

            “Oh yeah, definitely,” I said sarcastically.

            “You ready to go get some lunch?” he asked.

            “Yeah, I’m starving, just let me get out of this beautiful ensemble here,” I said.

            As Harry and I walked out of the store and headed to our favorite little café, we ended up running right into a couple of about fourteen year old girls. It was the usual, I had began to get used to it. In fact it had already happened a few times today considering it was a Saturday afternoon. Harry took his picture with them and talked to them for a few minutes, the thing that surprised me was when one of the girls mentioned me, which had never happened before.

            “So this is Jules right? Your new girlfriend?” she said.

            “Juliet,” Harry said, “And yes, she is my girlfriend,” he said proudly, putting his arm around my waist.

            “Oh my god you’re so pretty,” the other girl said, this caused me to smile a bit.

            “Yeah, you’re so lucky,” the first girl added.

            “And the funny thing is,” I said, looking up at Harry, “I used to be just a crazy fan like you guys.” Harry chuckled a bit at this.

            “Well it was so great meeting you guys!” the girls said as they said goodbye.

            “See my fans aren’t that bad, they are also very smart, because they’re totally right about the whole so pretty thing, only I’m leaning towards more of the beautiful side.” Harry said, with his arm still around my waist as we walked to the café.

            I smiled, chuckling a bit, “Yeah, I guess I could used to it.” And the truth was I could. I could get used to dating Harry, of being his girlfriend officially.

            Because dating Harry Styles was going to be much easier than I expected. 

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