A Game of Lies

It's always been Juliet's dream to move to London, and after her and her best friend Cassidee finally make it there, she runs into one person she was least expecting. When falling in love with Harry Styles seems to come so easily, Juliet thinks that nothing could go wrong for her. She thinks that she has finally caught a break. Wrong. After getting tangled up in a game of lies, and getting her heart broken, Juliet is left with a huge burden upon her. Will she be able to ever forget her past and be happy again? We she ever get the true love she has been wishing for?


6. Too Fast


As I walked into my apartment after one of the greatest nights I had ever had, I felt a new found confidence in myself. The grin that had formed after Harry had kissed me was still predominate on my face, and I walked with a bit of skip in my step. I pretty much felt on top of the world.

            As I waltzed into the living room, I found Dee sitting on the couch watching some movie.  When she heard me walk in she looked up, and after she saw my facial expression a small smirk spread across her lips.

            “Tell me everything,” was all she said.

            I sat down on the couch and began to explain the whole date to her, the entire time getting multiple ‘Awwww’s. Dee sat there quite intrigued, and as I finished I notice a grin spread across her face as well.

            “Why are you so happy and excited about this?” I asked when I saw her facial expression.

            “Cause my Julesy is all grown up! Getting her own hot, famous boyfriend and everything!” she yelled overdramatically.

            “Oh my god, we aren’t even really a couple yet.” I said shaking my head.

            “I’m going to predict that will change quite soon,” she said.

            “What do you mean?” I asked.

            “Oh Jules, are you really so oblivious?” she replied, “Did you see the way he was looking at you when we were at his house? He definitely wants you.”

            “Dee!” I yelled.

            “What!? I speak only of the truth!” she said throwing her hands up.

            “He is not like that, trust me. Tonight, when he kissed me, it was gentle, caring. He doesn’t want anything like that, Dee. He’s different then everyone portrays him as.” I said.

            “Ok, whatever you say.” She said returning to the movie she was watching. “Oh, and I finished unpacking all you stuff and set it all up in your room for you.”

            “Alright thanks,” I said walking down the hall.

            I stepped into my bedroom and I must admit, it looked pretty damn awesome. The previously bare, lavender walls had now been decorated with all of my pictures. My bed was set in the corner, with its brand new purple and silver bed spread I had ordered specifically to match the walls. My dresser was set up containing all of my jewelry in the top drawers (which was a lot), and my mirror hung above it with lights around the edges (a bit like a dressing room mirror). All of my clothes had been put into my closet, along with my about 50 pairs of shoes. My desk was set up on the opposite side with my laptop sitting on top of it. I also had my favorite zebra beanbag chair in the other corner of my room, it was my absolute favorite place to sit and read, and my white, shag rug to cover up the hardwood floor. It was perfect, just how I liked it. It was kind of surprising how well Dee knew me, she had every little piece just the way I wanted it, Kleenex box and all. The only thing missing was my dream board. When we had left Florida I left my old one there. I was going to start over when I got here because I figured new home, new dreams.

            “Dee my rooms perfect! You’re awesome!” I yelled down the hallway.

            “I know!” she yelled back.

            I chuckled a bit at this and took off my shoes, throwing myself onto my new bed. It was so soft and comfortable that in about 5 seconds, I was completely out.



            I woke up the next morning, still in my dress from last night. I checked the time on me phone, it was only about 7:00. I groaned, why had I gotten up so early? I slugged out of bed, knowing Dee was definitely still asleep, and probably would be until about 11:00, so I went into the bathroom and took a long, hot shower to wake myself up. After that I threw some sweats on and shuffled into the kitchen, making myself a bowel of cereal since I was too lazy to make much else. As I sat there eating I heard my phone buzz on the counter.

            “Hey, I’ll be at the studio today recording with the boys. You and Dee are welcome to come. (In fact I’d much enjoy it) ;) xx –Harry”  Was what the text read.

            I smiled a bit at this, quickly replying, “Well I don’t know about Dee(she’s still asleep of course) but I’m definitely in. :) xx –Juliet”

            “Great, I’ll pick you up around 9? –Harry”

            “Sounds good :) –Juliet”

            I set my phone down, smiling once more at the thought of seeing Harry again. I finished my cereal and the bowel in the sink. I decided I should probably wake up Dee to see if she wanted to come with me. I assumed she would say yes, she probably wanted to see Niall again anyway.

            “Dee! Wake up!” I yelled, no response, “Cassidee!!! Get your ass out of bed!!!!” still nothing. So she was going to play this with me. I went to the end of her bed, put both hand on either side of her comforter, and pulled as hard as I could, her comforter flying off bringing her along with it.

            “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR!?!?!?!” Dee screamed.

            “You wouldn’t wake up,” I stated nonchalantly.

            “So you practically kill me!?!” she yelled.                                                      

            “That’s what friends do!” I said, smiling cheekily.

            She rolled her eyes at this, “So what is the meaning of waking me up at this un-godly hour?” she asked.

            “Boys are going to be recording in the studio today, Harry asked if we wanted to join,” I said.

            “Oh, sure!” she said, a bit to enthusiastically.

            “Someone’s excited,” I smirked.

            “No…….” she lied.

            “Whatever you say,” I laughed, “but hurry up and get ready, they’re coming to get us at 9:00.”

            “That only gives me an hour!” she exclaimed.

            “Oh you will live!” I yelled, as I left her room and went into mine to get ready myself.

            I decided just to go with dark wash skinny jeans, a loose-fitted, white top with a navy blue cardigan over it, and my favorite red Vans. It was casual and comfy, just the way I liked it. I pulled my still damp hair back into a loose braid and put just a touch of makeup on. It only took me about 10 minutes, where as Dee was most likely still in the shower. Once Dee had finished Harry arrived only two minutes after, and we were off to the studio, which I was very much excited for.


            The car ride to the studio was a bit quiet, but I didn’t mind too much. Once we got there though, I noticed the huge crowd of girls outside the main entrance. It was absolute madness.

            “Holy shit,” I mumbled, “How are we going to get in?”

            “There’s a back entrance, the one we always use. This is typical for there to be so many girls,” Harry replied.

            We made our way around to the back and inside snaking through the hallways until we reached the right recording area where the rest of the boys were waiting.

            “Hey guys,” I said as we walked in.

            “Hey Jules!” Niall said getting up, and giving me a quick, friendly hug, “Dee,” he said smiling, giving her a hug also. Which I couldn’t help but notice was a bit longer then mine.

            I greeted the rest of the boys and Eleanor, who was also there, giving them all quick hugs. Liam was the first in the sound booth, and since we couldn’t exactly talk while he was in there, I listened. He was very good, I knew that they all would be, but what I loved were the songs lyrics. They were sweet, loving, the music soft and slow. I absolutely loved it.

            I leaned over to Harry whispering in his ear, “Who wrote this song?”

            “I did,” he whispered back.

            “Really? I love it,” I replied smiling. A smile spread across his face also.

            The rest of the boys went into the booth after Liam, all recording there parts in the song. Harry was last up. As he started to sing I was listening intently to every word. His voice was beautiful, as it filled my ears I couldn’t help but smile. He looked straight into my eyes as he sang also, making me believe every word that escaped his lips. It was perfect. And as he finished up the last bits, I was a bit sad it had to be done, I was much enjoying the sweet lyrics and soft melody. And Harry’s voice, his voice almost took me to another place, made me escape from everything else. It relaxed me, made me calm.

            As Harry walked out of the booth I looked right at him smiling, “You did absolutely wonderful,” I said.

            He smiled at this, “Couldn’t have done it without a pretty face to look at,”

            I shook my head a bit laughing.

            “So, how about lunch?” he asked.

            “Sounds great, I’m starving,: I replied, “But what about Dee?”

            “Doesn’t seem like she’ll have a problem with it,” he said motioning towards the door. I saw Dee and Niall leaving together. Of course, I thought.

            “Well, then lets go,” I said smiling.


            We ended up going to a small café for lunch. We sat and talked for about an hour, and when we were done Harry decided to take me out to have a look around the city. Since it was a Monday afternoon there weren’t many people out, which was nice because we weren’t bothered by any screaming teenage girls. By the time we had seen mostly everything it was around 6:00 and Harry took me back over to his house.

            “Wow, I’ve never seen anything like that!” I said excitingly as we walked in. I was pretty much acting like some crazed tourists as we explored the city. I took tons of pictures, and was pointing around at things like an idiot. I also couldn’t quit talking about how cool I thought everything was. Harry had been laughing at my reactions all afternoon.

            “You are too cute,” he said. I just smiled cheekily in return, making him laugh again.

            “So what’s for dinner?!” I asked plopping myself down on his couch.

            “You sure like to eat don’t you?” he chuckled.

            “It’s my greatest talent,” I said holding my chin up jokingly.

He laughed again, “We could make something if you’d like.”

“Yay! Cooking!” I said, giddy like a little kid.

He chuckled again walking into the kitchen. “Let’s see……” I heard him thinking aloud, “We could make pancakes!” he yelled from the kitchen.

“Okay!” I yelled back running into the kitchen myself. Who could resist breakfast for dinner?

We got out all the ingredients for the pancakes and started mixing everything together. As Harry was putting the flour into the bowel, he ended up accidentally getting some on my shirt.

“Styles, you did not just do that,” I said.

“Oops,” he said chuckling. So I took a little myself and flicked it onto his shirt.

“Oops,” I said as he furrowed his eyebrows. He then took a whole hand full and threw it at me, getting it all over my face and hair.

            “You did not just get it in my hair,” I said angrily, grabbing a hand full myself, chucking it at him. It hit his face dead on, exploding into a white cloud, turning his brown curls white.

            After that it pretty much turned into all out wore between us, and not just with the flour, at one point we ended up smashing eggs onto each others heads. After about ten minutes of this we were both on the kitchen floor laughing so hard we couldn’t even breathe.

            “Well, so much for making pancakes,” I said, looking around at the huge mess we had made.

            “Oh well, this was more fun,” Harry said, laughing a bit more.

            “You got a little flour right there,” I said pointing to his cheek, laughing.

            He laughed, “I think I got a little flour pretty much everywhere,” he said.

            “Now we got to clean all this up though,” I said, groaning a bit.

            “How about you go shower, and I’ll clean up,” Harry said.

            “No I’d feel bad, I can help,” I said getting up off the floor.

            “No really, I insist.” He said getting up also.

            “Ok fine, but I still feel bad,” I said.

            He pushed a small piece of hair out of face and leaned in kissing me lightly. “Sorry, you had some flour on your lip,” he said smiling.

            I laughed at how cheesy this was, “Can I borrow some clothes for after I shower, considering these are covered in flour?” I asked.

            “Of course,” he said, still smiling.


            I took a shower, which took longer then usual considering I had flour in places flour should never be, and got out wrapping myself in a towel. I walked across the hall into Harry’s room and searched his dresser for some clothes I could where. I grabbed a plain white t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants, both obviously much too big for me, but I didn’t mind. I walked back into the kitchen where I found Harry finishing up the last of the cleaning.

            “Your turn,” I said, playfully shaking his hair causing flour to puff from it.

            He laughed, turning around and smiling at me, “You know you should really where my clothes more often,” he said winking.

            I just shoved him a little, and he walked off into the bathroom to shower.

            While he was in the shower, I decided it wouldn’t be bad to watch a movie, so I picked out The Notebook, my favorite. I put in and began to watch it as Harry walked in.

            “Ooo! The Notebook! My favorite!” he said plopping himself down next to me.

            I laughed at this.

            “What? You think that’s funny?” he said with fake sass. This only made me laugh more. “Oh, you will pay Juliet,” he said, and began tickling me, and might I say I’m extremely ticklish.

            “…..Stop! Stop!” I hardly managed to get out between laughs.

            Harry finally stopped, laying on top of me, looking sternly into my eyes, “Say you’re sorry,” he said jokingly.

            “And what if I don’t?” I asked playing along with it.

            “Then I tickle you more,” he replied.

            “Fine,” I said, “I’m sorry.”

            “Thank you,” he said.

            “Now can you please get off of me?” I asked him.

            “Nope,” he said, popping the ‘p’, “I still haven’t done this.” He said. And with that he kissed me, at first it was sweet and caring, but soon there was an edge of lust to it, like he wanted more. He pulled me upright, wrapping his arms around my waist, his lips still connected with mine. This wasn’t what I wanted, it was way too soon, I thought.

            “Harry,” I said between kisses, “Please, stop.”

            He quickly pulled away, “I am so sorry,” he apologized, “I’m going way too fast, I just, I mean it’s just…..”

            “Harry it’s completely fine, just not yet,” I said smiling at how cute he was when he apologized.

            “God, I feel like an idiot,” he said putting his head in his hands, “I always do this.”

            I chuckled a bit at this.

            “What?” he asked looking up.

            “You’re just too cute,” I smiled.

            He laughed a bit, pulling me into his arms. I snuggled into them, getting comfortable, and soon found myself asleep in Harry’s arms, once more.

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