A Game of Lies

It's always been Juliet's dream to move to London, and after her and her best friend Cassidee finally make it there, she runs into one person she was least expecting. When falling in love with Harry Styles seems to come so easily, Juliet thinks that nothing could go wrong for her. She thinks that she has finally caught a break. Wrong. After getting tangled up in a game of lies, and getting her heart broken, Juliet is left with a huge burden upon her. Will she be able to ever forget her past and be happy again? We she ever get the true love she has been wishing for?


2. Teenage Dream


I stood in line, with the many other screaming teenage girls, waiting to catch a glimpse of the five boys I’ve been waiting to meet for years. I leaned my head to try and see around the mass of people, but had no luck. So instead I decided just to be patient and wait. I turned to Dee who was practically jumping up and down with excitement.

            “Can you believe it Jules!?” she shrieked, “We’re actually about meet them! We are going to be feet away from their perfect faces!!”

            I couldn’t help being just as excited, of course I was excited, we were about to meet One Direction for god’s sake. Who wouldn’t be!?

            “OH MY GOD I KNOW!” I practically screamed back at her. And with that we were jumping up and down like idiots squealing with joy.

            About 20 minutes later their faces came into view, and I will be honest, I was probably hyperventilating. I finally got up to the table, and no other then Harry Styles himself was first, I was about 99% sure I looked like I was about to piss myself.

            “Hello beautiful,” he said in his slow, sexy ass voice. I smiled like an idiot at this, of course.

            “Um, hi.” I said back quietly. Great, I thought, I’m acting like an idiot in front of Harry Styles.

            “How are you today love?” he said as he signed my CD.

            “Oh, I’m wonderful of course, considering I’m meeting you. How are you?” I asked back.

            He looked up when I said this, god he was even more gorgeous in person. “You’re actually the first person to ask me.” He said smiling.

            “Really?” I asked, somewhat shocked no one would ask him.

            “Yeah, most girls kinda just stand there and giggle, gets old after a while,” he said handing me back my CD, “so I’m great, thanks for asking. And great meeting you….”

            “Juliet.” I respond.                                                                     

            “Juliet, beautiful name. Great meeting you Juliet.” He said smiling.


            “Well here we are,” Harry said, snapping me out of day dream. He stood there holding the door open for me, like a true gentleman.

            “Thank you.” I said smiling and walking through the door.

            He ordered our drinks and we sat down at a table once we got them. I did notice a few people glance up at us, probably noticing that Harry Styles was indeed there, but other than that nothing major. I sipped my hot chocolate until he finally spoke.

            “I’m sorry, I don’t believe I ever caught your name.” he said causing me look up.

            “Oh, um, Juliet.” I answered.

            “Wow, that’s a beautiful name,” he said making me blush a bit, “I’m Harry.” He said extending his hand across the table for me to shake. I gladly shook at and went back to sipping my drink.

            “I couldn’t help but notice that you’re from America.” Harry said, breaking the silence again.

            “Oh, yeah, me and my friend just moved here actually.” I said.

            “What part of America are you from?” he asked.

            “A small town just off the coast of Florida.” I answered.

            “Oh, cool I love Florida, it’s beautiful there.” He said back.

            We sat there and talked for about an hour, and it was actually surprisingly easy. We pretty much talked about everything, why I was here, our families, friends, everything. The only thing that never came up was the fact that he was in a world famous boy band, which I like. It showed he wasn’t one to show it off, he honestly was a genuinely good guy. And it didn’t hurt that he was pretty much absolutely gorgeous…….oh god what was I doing, I couldn’t fall for Harry Styles. It’s not like I’m fourteen anymore, but yet there was something about him that didn’t make me think of Harry Styles from One Direction, something real.

            Our wonderful talk was then interrupted when four girls, I’m guessing were about 15, walked into the Starbucks.

            “Oh shit,” Harry mumbled under his breath. “Um, we should get going.” He said to me.

            I looked up seeing what he was looking at and saw the girls. “Oh, yeah it’s fine.” I said.

            We were almost out of Starbucks when one of the girls noticed us.

            “Oh my god it’s Harry Styles!!!!” she shrieked, “Wait, who’s the bitch?”

            Rude, I thought but continued to make my way out. I noticed Harry had stayed behind, taking a few pictures with the girls to satisfy them.

            “So sorry about that.” He said when he came out, “it’s just that, well…”

            “Oh, it’s completely fine, I totally get it. Don’t worry Harry, I know I famous popstar when I see one.” I said smiling.

            “Oh, um, I kinda figured you didn’t know because you never brought it up.” He said looking up at me.

            “Well I figured you get enough of the screaming teenage girls as is.” I said.

            With this he smiled. “Well I had a great time talking with you Juliet.”

            “Same here, oh, and you can call me Jules, everyone I know does.” I said smiling also.

            “I actually like Juliet, is that ok?” he asked.

            “Oh, um, yeah of course.” I said.

            “Also,” he said looking down shyly again, which I found absolutely adorable. “Could I maybe have your number, I’d love to talk to you again sometime.”

            “Of course,” I said with a huge grin on my face. We exchanged numbers, and I walked back to my apartment smiling like an idiot. I knew that I was most likely getting myself into trouble, but I didn’t even care. It was Harry Styles for god’s sake, who couldn’t resist?

            I walked in the door, not even realizing but I had completely forgotten about.

            “Juliet Rose Welsch, where on earth have you been!?” Dee yelled at me, sounding quite like my mother.

            “Oh, um, I was just at Starbucks.” I said

            “For an hour?!” she yelled again, but when she looked up at me, a different look came upon her. “Wait a second, you met a boy didn’t you?”

            “Um, no,” I lied.

            “Oh my god who was it!?” she squealed, jumping up and down. “I need to know EVERYTHING!”

            “Oh, nobody, just some guy a ran into.” I said looking down, of course lying again, which she could see straight through.

            “Jules, you are the WORST liar, tell my right now who it was.” She demanded.

            “You’ll never believe me,” I stated.

            “TELL ME!” she yelled.

            “Um, well, I kinda ran into…….Harry Styles.” I said.

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