A Game of Lies

It's always been Juliet's dream to move to London, and after her and her best friend Cassidee finally make it there, she runs into one person she was least expecting. When falling in love with Harry Styles seems to come so easily, Juliet thinks that nothing could go wrong for her. She thinks that she has finally caught a break. Wrong. After getting tangled up in a game of lies, and getting her heart broken, Juliet is left with a huge burden upon her. Will she be able to ever forget her past and be happy again? We she ever get the true love she has been wishing for?


12. Midnight Swim


The room was dimly lit, a soft blend of classical music playing in the background. We were led to a small table in the corner of the restaurant by our waiter. Being the gentleman that Harry is, he pulled out my chair allowing me to sit down, him sitting across from me. As I looked over the quite extensive menu I noticed that pretty much every single item on there cost way too much for my liking. How was I supposed to choose something if I felt bad about Harry getting my anything at all? Harry must have noticed my eyes go wide and the look of disgust on my face as I read over the menu.

            He chuckled a bit, carefully removing the menu from my hands and smiling at me, “I’ll order for you babe, I know just what you’ll like,” I tried to protest, but he hushed me before I could say a word and gave me another smile. Man that boy was good at persuading.

            I took a small sip of my ice water as we were waiting for our food to come. The smooth white silk napkin that had once been folded neatly by my plate was now resting across my lap. I could smell the mixture of the different foods coming from the kitchen, and the warm vanilla candle that held place at the center of the table. I played with one of the sterling silver forks on the table as I observed the rest of the room. The décor was nice, all expensive looking, but all too boring for my taste. There was an odd silence throughout the room, aside from the few mutters made by the other guests. The whole just felt way too nice to me, but I knew that Harry wanted to do this for me, so I still very much appreciated it. Besides, anytime spent with Harry was always great.

            I looked up at Harry only to notice he was already staring at me. A lusty grin was placed on his lips, and I knew exactly why. I was wearing the dress that Harry had bought for me when we went shopping a few weeks back. It was deep purple, fit snug around my curves, and showed quite enough cleavage for my liking. The dress was paired with lots of jewelry, which was typical me, and black studded high heels. I had my hair down in its natural waves, and had played my makeup up a bit more than usual, going with a smoky eye shadow and bold liner. I will admit, I looked hot, and Harry definitely thought so as well.

            “Did I tell you that you look beautiful tonight?” Harry said as he caught my glance at him.

            “Only about fifteen times,” I replied, a small smile forming at the corners of my mouth.

            “Make it sixteen,” he said smiling his usual cheeky smile. I only chuckled quietly and shook my head in response.

            When the waiter arrived back with our food, I looked down at the dish I front of me. It smelled amazing, but I’ll be completely honest, I had no clue what it was. I didn’t really care to ask before I took my first bite, only to realize it tasted as good as it smelled, so I took another. Harry was right, I did know exactly what I wanted, even thought I myself had no clue.

            I heard Harry chuckle a bit across the table, making me look up at him, “Something funny?” I asked him.

            “You’re just cute is all,” he said in return, taking a bite of his own dish. I flashed him a cheeky smile in return.

            The entire time we were there we exchanged talk, but nothing like normal considering we had to be somewhat civil and talk at a respectable tone. Usually if we were at Harry’s house we’d sit there practically yelling at each other and laughing our asses of while rolling around on the ground. Yeah, pretty sure if we did that here we’d get kicked out. The food was great, although I do wish there would have been much more of it, this girls got to each after all.

            When we were both finished Harry paid the check, which he refused to let me even look at knowing I would most likely freaked out at the outrageous price, and we left the restaurant finding a few paps outside to sneak pictures of us together as we got into Harry’s Audi. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I felt like Harry had something else up his sleeve, because no date was complete to him without having something completely cheesy in it.

            “Did you have a good time?” Harry asked as we got into the car.

            “I guess,” I replied, “but why would you take me somewhere like that when you I don’t really like the whole ‘fancy’ thing?” I asked him.

            “Because I like spoiling you,” he said smiling.

            “But what if don’t want to be spoiled,” I said to him.

            “Too bad, I’m going to spoil you anyways,” he said as he leaned a pressed his lips against mine. The kiss was quick, but had all the same meaning behind it.

            “That sounded to me like there was a little more intention behind that then just taking me to a nice restaurant Mr. Styles,” I said jokingly, he just smiled in return, laughing a bit as he drove off.

            “Where are we going?” I asked, about 10 minutes into driving, after I realized we were going the complete opposite direction of Harry’s house.

            “Did you think that our date was over?” he said, “You should know me better than that by now,” he smiled.

            I sighed I bit, while letting out a small chuckle. Harry really was one for making something as cheesy as possible, like he got his ideas straight out of romance novels, but I really quite loved it, and knew that too.

            After almost half an hour driving we ended up in what I would consider the middle of nowhere, at this point I was quite confused as to where he was taking me. I then saw a small pond on the left side of the road come into view. It had a few large trees around it, and just sat there, untouched by the outside world. It was really quite beautiful too, hard to explain, but it had beauty in its simplicity.

            “Wow,” I whispered in shock, but Harry still heard because I saw him turn his head and look at me, a small smile appearing on his lips.

            “I used to kind of just drive around a while back ago, it helped me get my mind off things. One day I just happened to stumble across this little place here. I’ve never shown anyone it before, you’re the first,” he told me as he pulled over near the small pond, leaving the headlights of the car on so we could see.

            I felt so special having him show something like this to me, like him sharing his little secret that no on else knew, “It’s beautiful,” I said stepping out of the car.

            I took off my heels, and felt the soft cool grass against my toes. I heard the car door shut on the other side, and soon felt Harry’s arms link around my waist. We were quiet for a while, taking the moment. A sudden gust of wind blew my hair back, causing me to shudder a bit. I had forgotten to bring a jacket of course, so smart of me.

            “You cold, babe?” Harry asked me.

            “Oh, no I’m fine,” I said in response, but I knew it didn’t matter. I soon felt Harry’s arms leave my waist as he took off his blazer, wrapping it around me. He then took my hand and began to lead me closer to the small pond.

            We sat down on the small, sandy area near the water. It was dark, the only light coming from the car headlights and the full moon up above. Harry held me close to him again, as if no one could take me from him. We just sat there and talked, about pretty much everything, but not the usual pointless things we usually talk about. Harry pretty much shared every secret he had with me, and I did the same. Our conversation was deep, to say the least. But it also meant so much. It should how much we trusted each other, with every little secret.

            I have no clue how long we were sitting there, but I could’ve sat there forever, literally. After we quit talking we sat there in silence, which was still just as perfect. I can’t even explain why I loved it so much. It was so simple, yet so perfect.

            I heard Harry chuckle a bit behind me, “What’s so funny?” I asked confused on his sudden amusement.

            “I have a crazy idea,” he said still smiling.

            “And what’s that?” I asked.

            But he didn’t answer me, he only stood up, took off his shirt, threw it to the ground.

            “Um, Harry what the hell are you doing?” I asked, now extremely confused.

            “Come on, let’s go in,” he said motioning his head towards the water.

           “Oh no, it’s freezing!” I said, almost giggling from the crazy suggestion, “Besides I am NOT ruining this dress.”

            “That’s why you take it off babe,” he said winking at me and smiling cheekily.

            “Oh, now I see why you’re doing this,” I said chuckling, “so now it’s definitely a no.”

            “Chicken,” he said laughing, and sticking his tongue out at me.

            “And now you’re acting like you’re five years old, just great.” I said rolling my eyes.

            He just stuck his tongue out at me again. Then, unbuckled his bet, slipping off the black pants he had on, now just in his boxers. God damn it. He chuckled a bit, running past me and into the water, which was most likely very cold. I laughed as he shrieked a bit and the temperature.

            “Oh Juliet come on!” he yelled at me.

            I just shook my head. I refused to get cold and wet.

            “Juliet, if you don’t come out here with me, I’ll come over there and get you myself. Then you’ll be cold, wet, and down you very nice dress,” he yelled again.

            I rolled my eyes and stood up. The only reason I was doing this was because I knew he wasn’t lying, he would come get me, and I was not ruining this dress. I sighed loudly, loud enough so Harry would hear me, and he must’ve because I heard him laugh a bit.

            I unzipped my dress and let it fall to my ankles, what the hell was I doing? I whistle came from Harry, who was still waiting for me in the water.

            “Oh shut up!” I yelled at him, walking to the edge of the water. It was pretty clear, which was good, because I didn’t want to go in any water, let alone nasty water. I touched it with toes, yeah, it was definitely cold. I took a deep breath and walked in anyways, shrieking as the cold water crept higher up my legs.

            I guess I was going to slow for Harry’s liking. Considering he came over, lifted me up, and threw me in the freezing water. I gasped for air as I threw my head back above the surface.

            “HARRY!” I screamed at him, but he just stood there laughing, looking all too please with himself. Angrily I splashed water in his face, just to shut him up, which turned into a full fledged war of us splashing each other, and him throwing me in the water. I finally ran out back onto the small sandy area, picking up my clothes to escape to the Audi, but was of course to slow. Harry caught me easily and then began to tickle me furiously.

            “HARRY! STOP!” I screamed, gasping for air in between laughing.

            “What’s the magic word?” he chuckled, god he always did this.

            “PLEASE STOP!” I screamed again.

            He finally stopped, laughing at his, once again, victory. I just said their glaring at him, until he leaned down a planted small kiss on my lips, causing me to smile a bit. Then he got up, picking up his clothes and walking to the car, me following behind him.

            I got in, shivering greatly and still soaking wet. Why the hell did I do that? Harry got in the driver’s side handing me a blanket he must’ve gotten from the back. I quickly wrapped it around me trying to get warm again.

            Harry leaned over and kissed me once more, “I love you Juliet,” he said smiling.

            “I love you too,” I said smiling back as he started the car, heading back home.

            I leaned my head back against the seat, this night had been perfect. Just like Harry. He always knew what to do, how to make me smile. I truly did love him. Truly, madly, deeply. It was as if all the puzzle pieces were falling into place. Thinking this, I slowly closed my eyes, drifting off to sleep.



OMGGGG!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOO SORRY I HAVN’T UPDATED IN LIKE FOREVER!!!!! DO NOT WORRY!!!! I WILL START UPDATING WAY MORE I PROMISE!!!! FOR CEREAL THIS TIME GUYS!!!!!! I love all who are still reading!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! Please keep reading too! I’m sorry this chapter isn’t the best but theres about to be some DRAMMAAAA! YAYY!!! Well not really yay, but whatever! Anyways! Hope you like it!!! :) xx

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