A Game of Lies

It's always been Juliet's dream to move to London, and after her and her best friend Cassidee finally make it there, she runs into one person she was least expecting. When falling in love with Harry Styles seems to come so easily, Juliet thinks that nothing could go wrong for her. She thinks that she has finally caught a break. Wrong. After getting tangled up in a game of lies, and getting her heart broken, Juliet is left with a huge burden upon her. Will she be able to ever forget her past and be happy again? We she ever get the true love she has been wishing for?


4. First Date

Harry’s POV-


            I woke up the next morning to find Juliet asleep on my shoulder. She looked so peaceful and…..beautiful. Her soft, brown curls fell over her face. I gently pushed it out of the way and saw the small pink scar under her left eye. It wasn’t all that bad, it was just knowing how it happened that really bother me. How could someone as beautiful and innocent as Juliet have something so awful happen to her? It made me so sad to think about what she had been through. It also made me want to protect her, to make sure she felt important, loved. I don’t really know why but there was something different about Juliet. She wasn’t like any other girl I had met, most just wanted me because I was Harry Styles from One Direction, and never wanted an actual relationship. But Juliet didn’t care that I was famous, she really wanted to get to know me for, me. And it sounded incredibly cheesy, but I really had a connection with her since I first saw her……..4 years ago.

            Yes, I did still remember the day I had met her at that signing, quite clearly in fact. I remember her being the only civil person there, the only one kind enough to ask how my day was going and I took that to heart. She of course didn’t know this, she probably is extremely confident that I have absolutely no memory of that day. I didn’t know if I wanted to tell her though, maybe it was because I was worried that she wouldn’t remember, or maybe the fact that she may find it weird if I did. I didn’t exactly know the reason, but it just felt wrong to tell her at the time.

            I hadn’t realized how long I had just been starring at Juliet thinking about this until she began to wake up. Her beautiful green eyes fluttered open and she stretched her arms above her head yawning.

            “Morning beautiful,” I said smiling at her.

She returned the smile, which I absolutely loved, “Morning,” she said back, “How long have you been up?”

             “Oh, probably only ten minutes or so,” I replied.

             “You could’ve woken me up you know,” she said.

             “Yeah, but you looked so peaceful, I just didn’t want to disturb your beauty sleep, not that you need any,” I said winking.

             “You are such a cheese ball,” she said chuckling a bit, which I also found very attractive.

             “You want to get some breakfast? I think Niall is up making something.” I asked her.

              “Sure, I could always use some food.” She said standing up and stretching again.

               I stood up too, stretching, and we both walked into the kitchen together to find, of course, Niall cooking breakfast. Dee was also there helping him and giggling at just about everything he said, which didn’t surprise me considering the two seemed to really like each other. Danielle, Liam, and Zayn were all sitting at the kitchen table talking. I was assuming El and Louis had went to sleep in one of the rooms last night and were still there, considering they always seemed to be the last ones awake.

              “Well good morning sleepy heads,” Zayn chimed as Juliet and I walked into the kitchen, “You two seemed to sleep well last night,” he said grinning.

              I glared at him after he said this, walking over and sitting next to him at the table.

              “So what’s for breakfast?” Juliet asked, walking over to where Niall was cooking.

              “Just some French toast, nothing special.” He replied.

              “Oh yum, I’m starving,” she replied.

               Once Niall had finished cooking we all sat down at the table and ate, talking about the most random things. Right as we were finishing up El walked into the kitchen.

               “Good morning everybody,” she said.

               “Morning, where’s Lou at?” I asked.

               “Still asleep, as always.” She replied.

               “Alright, I’ll go wake him up.” I said, putting my plate in the sink and walking up to the room Louis was in.

               “OH LOUUUIISSSS!!!” I sang when I walked into the bedroom, “TIME GET UP!”

               He mumbled something when I said the, most likely involving cuss words, and rolled over onto his stomach, stuffing his head into his pillow.

              “Oh I see how we’re going to be,” I said. And with that I dove onto his bed, jumping up and down yelling at him to wake up.

              “Alright, alright! I’m up!” he yelled to make me stop.

              “Yay! My Louis is up!” I cheered overdramatically.

              “Why the hell did you wake me anyway?” he asked, clearly annoyed.

              “Is it a crime to want to see my bestest friend in the whole world?” I asked fakely shocked.

              “Oh cut the shit Harry, you and I both know that you wouldn’t wake me up from my beauty sleep for no reason.” He said with a bit of sass.

              “Ok, well…..I guess I sort of came here for…..advice…..about Juliet.” I said slowly.

              “Harry Styles, came to me, for advice…..about girls?” he said shocked, “I believe this is a first.”

              “It’s different though,” I said, “Juliet isn’t like other girls I usually get, she isn’t here because I’m Harry Styles from One Direction, which almost confuses me. She also just so honest and open, which takes a lot of courage and I really respect that.”

              “Harry Styles RESPECTS a girl?” he said surprised.

              “Oh shut up, I’m being serious!” I yelled, “I honestly think I really like her, and I don’t want to screw this up by acting like I usually do around girls. I really want your help here Lou.” I said.

             “Ok, ok. Well first things first, you really have to make her feel special and like she’s the only one there if you want her to think you’re a decent guy. Trust me on this one, since I’m guessing she used to be a big fan, she knows how you used to be with girls, you were kind of a player back then. You got to convince her that you’re not like that anymore. I’d suggest go simple too, just take her out to a nice restaurant for a first date and you’ll be set. It’s fool proof Harry, really.”

            “Thanks man, I just really don’t want to screw this one up. I really like Juliet, you know. Even if I’ve only known her for a day.”

            “I know what you mean Haz,” Louis said, giving me that smile like he knew exactly what was going on. I really liked that I could have friend like Louis, he always knew exactly what to say to me.

            Louis and I wont back down to the kitchen after our little chat and found everyone still there talking around the table.

            “Hey Harry, I think Dee and I are going to head back to our apartment now. All of our stuff was supposed to get shipped today.” Juliet said.

            “Oh, yeah it’s fine. Hopefully I’ll get to see you again soon.” I replied.

            “I’m sure you will,” she smiled. “Bye everyone!”

            “Bye!” Everyone yelled back.

            As Dee and Juliet were leaving I pulled Juliet aside.

            “So eager to leave now are we?” I asked smiling.

            “No, we have been here all night Harry.” She replied.

            “Maybe I like having you around,” I said.

            She smiled at this, that same smile I absolutely love, “Did you know that you’re incredibly cheesy?” she said.

            “You know love it,” I winked. She chuckled a bit at this, “I was wondering though,”

            “Yes……” she said.

            “Would you like to maybe go out to dinner with me tonight?” I asked.

            “Hmmm…..I don’t know.” She said, “You’re going to have to convince me why I should.”

            “Well, maybe because you’re beautiful, and I would be incredibly lucky for you to say yes.” I replied.

            She smiled again, blushing a bit this time. “Well, I guess that’s convincing enough, I’d love to go out to dinner with you Harry.” She said.

            This made me smile, probably idiotically, because I was extremely happy she had said yes. “I guess I’ll see around seven then?”

            “Sounds lovely,” she said.

            “Oh, and where something pretty,” I said winking as she walked out the door.

            She smiled and shut the door behind her, and I stood there, a grin plastered on my face, very much looking forward to tonight.

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