A Game of Lies

It's always been Juliet's dream to move to London, and after her and her best friend Cassidee finally make it there, she runs into one person she was least expecting. When falling in love with Harry Styles seems to come so easily, Juliet thinks that nothing could go wrong for her. She thinks that she has finally caught a break. Wrong. After getting tangled up in a game of lies, and getting her heart broken, Juliet is left with a huge burden upon her. Will she be able to ever forget her past and be happy again? We she ever get the true love she has been wishing for?


7. Breaking The Wall


The rest of the week continued the way it had started, me and Dee would go to the studio with the boys in the morning, or if not that, would be lazy around our apartment. Then I would always have lunch with Harry, whether it be at some little café, or just at his flat (yes I was beginning to catch on to the British lingo). Some afternoons we would go do things around London, and most nights I would spend with Harry, or sometimes the rest of the boys, and then Dee and I would go back to our apartment. It was fine and all, well more than fine considering I got to hang out with Harry and the boys every day, there was just one thing that had been bothering me all week. Harry still hadn’t really made us a ‘couple’, and I know it sounds really silly, but I just was starting to doubt if our relationship was real.

            That night at Harry’s we were watching a movie as usual, but I wasn’t really paying much attention to it, I was much too distracted.

            “Harry?” I said.                                                                

            “Yes?” he replied, turning to look at me.

            “What is this?” I asked.

            “What do you mean?” he said confused.

            “Like, what is this between us? Are we a couple, or what?” I clarified, he didn’t answer right away so I continued, “I just feel like maybe you don’t want to be with me, or don’t want people knowing cause I’m not good enough, or-“

            “Stop,” he cut me off, “If anything I’m not good enough, you’re perfect.” I smiled a little at this, “And I definitely want to be with you it’s just….” He trailed off.

            “What?” I asked.

            “My fans…..they can be a bit protective. I just don’t want them sending you hate or hurting your feelings and telling you things that aren’t true.” He said.

            I smiled a little bit more, “You mean you’re protecting me?” I asked.

            “Um, yeah I guess,” he said looking down.

            “Harry, that is the cutest thing ever,” I said smiling, “But if there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about, it’s protecting me. I’ve been through my fair share to know how to deal with crap like that.”

            “What do you mean you’ve been through your fair share?” He asked me.

            Shit, I thought, I shouldn’t have said that. I didn’t really want to tell him the whole story yet, not that I didn’t trust him, I just didn’t know if I was ready. Telling him the whole story would mean opening up myself to him, breaking down the walls I had tried so hard to build in the first place. The only person who knew the whole story was Dee, and me and her were like sisters, so telling it to Harry, I just couldn’t do that yet.

            “Oh nothing, maybe something for another time I guess,” I replied, avoiding the subject and pretending to watch the movie.

            “Ok,” he said, “just know Juliet, you can tell me anything, you can trust me.”

            And for some reason, even if we only had known each other for about two weeks, I knew that I could. I sat there for a minute, silent. Then, I found myself speaking, telling the story almost nobody knew. Breaking down my wall.

            “Well,” I started, causing Harry to look up, “I guess all of the shitty stuff started to happen when I was about fifteen. Before that I pretty much had the perfect life. My parents had plenty of money, I was pretty popular at my school, was already dating pretty much the hottest guy in my grade, life for me was practically perfect. But, one night, just a completely normal night, I was eating dinner with my family and my mom got all serious, said she had to tell us something. This made me nervous, I had no idea what was coming.” I paused, holding back tears, knowing once I started telling it there was no going back.

            “She told us that she was diagnosed with some rare form of lung cancer and that the doctors said she would only live about 6 more months. They also had said that chemo therapy was practically pointless since they had found it so late. In other words my mother was going to die, and quite soon,” with this I let a single tear escape from my eyes, Harry was still intently listening with his arms wrapped around me for comfort, “After she told us this, I began to shut myself out. I didn’t go out with my friends as much, my grades began to slip, and my boyfriend ended up breaking up with me. That was also when my dad began drinking, he got a lot angrier, started yelling at me and my brother more.”

            “My mom only ended up lasting four months until she died,” saying this almost made me lose it, tears were now flowing down my cheeks, but I continued anyway, “ After the funeral I became severely depressed. My friends had pretty much given up on me, I had turned into an outcast, the girl whose mom died, and the girl with the abusive father. No one really cared about what had happened to me, well except for my brother. Not too long after that the accident with my dad happened,” I said practically shaking now. Harry was now rubbing small circles on my back, he wasn’t saying a word. I think he got the fact that I just needed to get this all out. So I went on.

            “When I woke up in the hospital, my brother was right by my side. He said I had only been unconscious for maybe twelve hours, and that my dad had been arrested. When I got out of the hospital, my brother and I both moved to live with our aunt about an hour away. We had to go to a new school obviously, so I guess it was a chance to start over. For me though it just got worse. I had just lost both my parents, considering I probably wouldn’t see my dad ever again. So that was when the……cutting happened,” I could feel Harry tense up a bit as I said this, and out of habit grabbed my wrists, where under my cardigan, my faded scars were.

            I took a deep breath, “I think the reason behind it was that I thought since everyone I loved had been hurt, I should be hurt too. I was getting worse, my brother and aunt noticed, but no matter what they told me nothing really changed. I guess you could say that’s when things started getting little bit better. I was in the bathroom at school one day, bawling over not really anything in particular, when Cassidee walked in and found me. She kind of took me under her wing in a way. We pretty much became instant friends, and if it weren’t for her, I might not be here right now, and I most certainly would still be a complete wreck. I’ve gotten a lot better since then, sometimes those feelings come back to haunt me, but I fight through them. Honestly if anything, all this just made me stronger, it also brought me to where I am……to you.” I said, looking up at Harry. He had been crying too. He slowing brought his thumb up to my face, wiping away the tears that remained on my face.

            “You’re beautiful,” was all he said. This made me smile a little. I was glad I had told him, if anything it would make our relationship stronger. I actually feel like it already had.

            “You know what else,” I said, “My mom was the only person who ever called me Juliet, well besides you. That’s why I was kind of surprised when you asked me if you could call me that.”

            “Well I’m honored that you let me, it’s a beautiful name. You’re just beautiful in general.” He said.

            “You already said that,” I said smiling.

            “Yes, but you deserve to hear it every second, of everyday.” He added, holding me closer to him.

            I smiled even more at this, “No one has ever called me beautiful,” I whispered.

            “Well that’s their loss,” he said.

            I looked up at him, smiling again, he smiled back. “Thank you for listening to me,” I said.

            But instead of responding, he leaned down a kissed me, extremely gently, as if not to hurt me more then I already had been hurt. I pulled away, snuggling into his arms, feeling myself becoming sleepy. I felt Harry pick me up, slowly walking me into his room and laying me on his bed, putting the covers on top of me.

            “Goodnight love,” he said kissing my temple lightly, “You’re beautiful.”

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