Only You...

22 year old Jessica is engaged to her high school and college lover Andrew. But when she runs into her long time best friend Niall Horan they decide to catch up. Niall and Jessica stopped hanging out Freshman year at high school after Niall kissed her. But what Jessica dosen't know is that Niall has loved her his whole life and still does. When he finds out that Jessica is engaged he is determined to fight for his princess but Andrew keeps getting in the way of Niall telling him to back off while he is seeing other girls. Niall knows that him and Jessica belong together but will he lose her to another man or will Niall come through and get his princess back?


3. *not a chapter just clearing things up*

ok so i was looking at some of the popular stories and i just saw that there is another one called only you and no i did not copy the name i cam up with it yesterday and... well ya...thats all i have to say i guess...

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