Only You...

22 year old Jessica is engaged to her high school and college lover Andrew. But when she runs into her long time best friend Niall Horan they decide to catch up. Niall and Jessica stopped hanging out Freshman year at high school after Niall kissed her. But what Jessica dosen't know is that Niall has loved her his whole life and still does. When he finds out that Jessica is engaged he is determined to fight for his princess but Andrew keeps getting in the way of Niall telling him to back off while he is seeing other girls. Niall knows that him and Jessica belong together but will he lose her to another man or will Niall come through and get his princess back?


4. Back to the real world

Jessica's Pov

You see caitlin thats how i lost my best friend i could feel myself crying this was the first time i told someone about what happened between Niall and I. I looked up and caitlin was fast a sleep snoring. Caitlin is my best friend we met in college and have been friends ever since. I got up laughed and playfully punched her in the arm which caused her to wake up and fall to the floor. We both started cracking up laughing so hard we could feel our six pack coming in! Thats when we got kicked out os Starbucks :) 

As we were getting into my car Caitlin asked me "so do you still have feelings for this Niall guy?" I thought she wasn't listening but i answered "no of course not that was a long time ago i love Andrew oh and by the way WE ARE ENGAGED!" caitlin replied " Oh my god Im so happy for you" and with that i dropped caitlin off at her house and arrived back at Andrew and mine.

As i walked through the door i yelled "Hey babe Im home are you here?" I heard Andrew yell back "Ya Im in the kitchen come in here I have to tell you something".  I walked through the kitchen door and was greeted by Andrew "So whats so important" Andrew smiled looked up and said "a brand new bar opened down the street the Grand opening is tonight and we are going".  "Ya when are we leaving?" "in about one hour so go get ready"!

I was all ready to go I had on skinny jeans and a cute little cowgirl tank top i got from Forever 21. i figured i wouldn't wear a dress since it is just going to be Andrew and I. Once we were inside the new Bar i thought I saw something stand out. I got a better look at it and saw it was blonde hair sticking out of a crowd. "Niall?' I said to myself. Oh my god its Niall. I started screaming his name i got closer and closer to him until i was face to face with him. But turns out it wasn't Niall. It was some creepy hobo guy that was checking me out and asked if he could buy me a drink. I got totally grossed out and started running back to Andrew. As i was running i bumped into someone "Oh Im so sorry i didn't see you there si-" i was cut off by looking up and being shocked. "Hey Jessica!" "...Oh umm... hi Niall".


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