Teenage Dream

Braillynn and Justin met in December of senior year.

He's in love with her. She thinks she might love him.

He's determined to make her sure. She know she'll enjoy the ride.

Excuse the terrible summary.


2. you think i'm funny, when i tell the punch line wrong


Justin’s POV

I couldn’t get that girl out of my mind. She was so pretty and funny and cool. Maybe this move to Atlanta wouldn’t be as bad as I had originally thought.

I texted her back, after thinking of various pick up lines I could say, but decided to keep it simple.

To: Brailynn

So, a pretty girl like you must have a boyfriend, right?

I smirked and put my phone back in my pocket just as the teacher looked back up from her papers at her desk.

Brailynn’s POV

My phone vibrated in my pocket, creating a buzzing noise that made the librarian look around. I ducked my head and pretended to be absorbed in my homework. The librarian frowned at a guy at a table across the floor from me. I breathed a sigh of relief when she lowered her gaze back to her whatever-she-was-doing.

I checked out the text message.

To: Brailynn

So, a pretty girl like you must have a boyfriend, right?

I blushed. He thinks I’m pretty? Actually, he did make that clear earlier. This boy is such a flirt.. but I kinda like it. It’s cute. Suits him.

To: Justin Bieber

Nope, unfortunately.

I was unsure whether or not to flirt back. I decided not to.

To: Brailynn

So, does that mean you would go on a date with me sometime? (;

My jaw dropped. I just met this guy less than an hour ago, and he already asked me out? Score one for Bray.

To: Justin Bieber

Sure, I guess… After all, isn’t the point of a date to get to know people better? (;

To: Brailynn

Yep. So, you free after school? We could go catch a movie or something…

To: Justin Bieber

I have a meeting as class treasurer right after school. I’m free around 6 though, wanna grab dinner?

To: Brailynn

Sounds good. Text me your address and I’ll pick you up at 6.

I texted him my address and sat back in my seat. I squealed inside my head. I have a date! I did a victory dance, also inside my head. I really did like this kid. He was cute, funny and sweet. Pretty hard to find nowadays, with all the players out there.

Then, instead of working on my Calculus homework that was due tomorrow, I decided to plan out what I was going to wear. After I decided on something appropriate for a first date, I thought about what I was going to do with my hair. I decided to text Rylie. She’s a total genius with hair and makeup. She wants to be a personal stylist when she grows up. But for now, she’s my personal stylist.

To: RyRy

I have a date tonite. Help me with H&M?

Rylie’s POV

I checked out the text from Bray. I knew they would hit it off. Though, she didn’t mention who she was going out with.. Eh. I’ll just assume it was Justin.

To: Bray

But of course, dollface. What time is the date?

To: RyRy


To: Bray

k. I’ll be there at 5. Have a curling iron ready.

Brailynn’s POV

I rolled my eyes. Rylie is absolutely crazy about boys. She’s a really great friend though. She would drop everything she was doing and rush to your aid if you need her.

Rylie was precisely on time, as usual. She comes over so often, she just lets herself in now.

She came into my room and instantly rushed over to the curling iron I had plugged in about a minute ago. I guess it wasn’t hot enough to use yet, because she looked pissed.

“Damn, Bray! I have to wait.” She sat down on the bed, crossed her arms and glared at me.

I raised my eyebrows at her. Dramatic little girl, she is. “Well, in the meantime, we can pick out my outfit. I planned an outfit earlier, but I don’t really like it anymore.”

“It’s a dinner date, correct?” Ry questioned.

“Correct. And I want something cute, flirty and sexy, but not too sexy. Or too cute. Plenty flirty though.” I watched her as she dug through my closet and came out holding this... this absolutely stunning pinkish, purplish, reddish, bluish- well you get the point. It reached about mid-thigh, and had a teasingly low neckline. Once it was on, it would most likely show a tiny bit of cleavage.

My jaw dropped. “Ry, that’s perfect! I didn’t even know I owned that!”

“You don’t. I left it here a couple of weeks ago after a sleepover.” She shrugged.

“Oh Rylie, you are the bestest friend in the whole wide world!” I walked over to her and squeezed her.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now let’s get to work.” She grabbed the curling iron and got to work on my hair.

“Okay, chica! You’re ready to go!” She spun me around in my chair.

“OMFG Rylie you fucking amazing thing, you.” I squeezed her again, this time a little too hard I guess.

“Can’t- breathe- room- getting –darker…” I pushed myself off of her and rolled my eyes.

“Remind me again why you’re not in Drama Club?” I asked her, strapping my heels on.

“Because,” she explained patiently. “Drama Club is full of freaky snobs that cry when those frogs die in Biology.”

“Um, babe? You cried too.” I flicked her nose and applied a second coat of lip gloss and popped a few tic tacs in my mouth.

“Yeah, but my case was different.” Rylie tried to think of something to cover for her dramaticness.

“How so?” I playfully teased her from my bedroom door.

“My grandmom had just passed away?” She tried and failed to make me believe she wasn’t a major drama queen.

“No, she didn’t. We did the froggy experiment six months after.” I rolled my eyes and walked down the stairs, with her trailing behind me.

“Fine. You win. I’m a drama queen. Happy?” We sat down on the couch and waited for Justin to show up.

“Very much so.” I heard the doorbell ring. “And now I’m even happier.”

I opened the door to find Justin standing there.

“Hey,” he said.

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