Who To Love?

Mara, Sarah, and Lauren are three best friends who are backup singers for One Direction. They confessed to eachother that they each like one boy from 1D. Liam and Zayn already have girlfiends, so they try to work out a problem only the two of them found out. Niall is in love with Mara, but she doesn't see it because she likes Louis. Louis likes Sarah, but she likes Harry. To make it even worse, Harry likes Lauren, who likes Niall. In the end, will they all find out Who To Love?


3. Time Alone With You

It was night when someone knocked on my apartment door. When I opened it, it was none other than Niall Horan!!

"Hey! What's up?" I said self conciously fixing my hair.

"Ummm can I talk to you?" he asked

"Sure" butterflies were fluttering in my stomach.

"I know this might sound weird because I just met you, but.. can I ask you something?" he said

"Anything" i nervously said.

"Ummmm... its about Mara," he said

My face dropped, but I quickly fixed it so he wouldn't notice.

"What?" i asked

"Do you think she will like me?" he said

"Ummmm.. I don't think so..." I instantly regretted saying it because his face dimmed. I felt sooo mean. "Acually, Niall... Yes. I think she will..." I finally got out.

He had a big smile on his face. He said thanks and walked out of my room. I was crushed..

I noticed that everyone was making googly eyes at eachother! Just, not at the right people... I had to play Love Doctor and fix things before it gets out of hand. I'll start working in Niall. He likes Mara, but she seems to like Louis... This isn't going to be easy! I will start Tomorrow!! Let the Love Doctor do his work!
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