Who To Love?

Mara, Sarah, and Lauren are three best friends who are backup singers for One Direction. They confessed to eachother that they each like one boy from 1D. Liam and Zayn already have girlfiends, so they try to work out a problem only the two of them found out. Niall is in love with Mara, but she doesn't see it because she likes Louis. Louis likes Sarah, but she likes Harry. To make it even worse, Harry likes Lauren, who likes Niall. In the end, will they all find out Who To Love?


6. The Flirt

Niall and Mara finally got togther! Before they left, Mara told me that Lauren wanted to talk to me. I rushed to her room, only to find her on tears.

"What's wrong Lauren?" I asked.

"Well, is it ok if I spill my guts?" she asked.

"Anything, love" I said.

"Well, I had a huge crush on Niall, and I told the girls, and Mara goes on a date with him! She knows I like him! Why would she do that to me?" she said, crying.

"I don't know." I said as I wrapped my arms around her.

She seemed to calm down a bit, but she was still sniffiling. When was I going to tell her?

 I took Mara to the field where the fireworks were being held. It was dark, but not dark enough to do fireworks, so we just talked.

"So, where you from?" I asked her.

"Originally, from Ireland. That's where I got my accent." She said.

"Where from Ireland, because obviously i'm from Ireland!" I said.

"Mullingar," she said.

I could hardly believe my ears. That's where I was from!

"No way! that's where I'm from!" I said.

We were both shocked, and talked a little more, but the we heard a big boom. The first firework went off. She jumped a little, right into my arms. She looked up at me and smiled. I pulled her tight to me. After ten minutes, the finale was over. Mara was trying to stay awake, but kept on dozing off on my shoulder. I had to carry her to the car, which I didn't mind doing. I put her in the passenger seat, and started to drive. I completely forgot that I had drunken... a lot... of beer. I also forgot to stop at the sign. I also forgot what had happened before we crashed into a tree...
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