Who To Love?

Mara, Sarah, and Lauren are three best friends who are backup singers for One Direction. They confessed to eachother that they each like one boy from 1D. Liam and Zayn already have girlfiends, so they try to work out a problem only the two of them found out. Niall is in love with Mara, but she doesn't see it because she likes Louis. Louis likes Sarah, but she likes Harry. To make it even worse, Harry likes Lauren, who likes Niall. In the end, will they all find out Who To Love?


4. Niall and Mara, Mara and Niall

After a couple weeks of rehearsing, the girls and I got to know the boys a little, or should I say a lot, better. We were all like best buds! That's when I realized I really like Louis. He always flirts with all of us! Acually, they all flirt with us, apart from Liam and Zayn. One day, Harry would be chattind up Sarah, and another, he would be putting his arm around Lauren's shoulder! Yesterday, he called me hot, which is kinda offensive for girls, but still. Louis and Niall aren't as outgoing as Harry, but they would still flirt. After a day of singing Up All Night, we all decided to chill at the pool. Lauren and Sarah both wore the bikinis they picked out together. I think matching is boring, so I wore my rainbow one. When we came out, the boys of 1D all had their swim trunks on, and they were already in.

"The girls are here!" Harry said.

I pointed to my eyes. "Up here, Styles."

He blushed a little, which probably drove Sarah insane. She had a thing for boys who blush. I looked at her and gave her a wink.

Sarah jumped in the pool, and I think purposefully made an extra huge splash just to get Mara and I wet.

"Come on in!" Niall said in his cute irish accent.

Not to be jealous, but I noticed hin looking at Mara weirdly whenever we practice. He always has a slight smile on hi face whenever he looks at her. I can't blame him or her. Let life happen, and go on from there. Even though Niall is the man of my dreams, I couldn't help but look at Harry's abs. His curly hair was flat because it was wet. I didn't want to admit it, but I started getting butterflies whenever I'm near him. How to tell Sarah I liked her crush? That just screams instant hatered and major friend fight!

After we went swimming for a while, I pulled Mara to the side.
"What's up?" she asked, with her head slightly tilting to one side.

"Oh, nothing much. I just wanted to talk to you." I said

"Ok? What is it. she asked

Here it goes. I'm about to spill my heard out to a girl who I knew for only two months.

"Umm... I sorta kinda maybe fancy you a little?" I said. "And I was wondering if you wanted to go to the fireworks with me?" I finished.

"So you sorta kinda maybe want to take me on a date?" she asked with a slight smirk.

I could feel the red going to my cheeks. I nodded my head. She leaned in and kissed me briefly on the lips.

"Does that give you an answer?" She asked as she walked away, smiling.
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