Who To Love?

Mara, Sarah, and Lauren are three best friends who are backup singers for One Direction. They confessed to eachother that they each like one boy from 1D. Liam and Zayn already have girlfiends, so they try to work out a problem only the two of them found out. Niall is in love with Mara, but she doesn't see it because she likes Louis. Louis likes Sarah, but she likes Harry. To make it even worse, Harry likes Lauren, who likes Niall. In the end, will they all find out Who To Love?


2. Meeting The Girls

I heard a knock on our door.

"Come in!!" yelled Harry.

The door slowly opened, and three beautiful girls walked through. The middle one (who I thought was the prettiest) spoke up.

"Hi! I'm Mara, this is Lauren, and that's Sarah. We're your backup singers?" she said

"Well hi Mara Lauren and Sarah! I'm Harry, in case you didn't know" he said, winking at them.

The one who Mara said was Sarah blushed a little, but not so much that Harry would notice. We all introduced ourselves. We all gave them each a hug. When I got up close to Mara, I saw that she has the most magnifecent green eyes. I could look into the all day, but I had o quickly look away because I noticed I was starting to stare. Mara seemed transfixed on something, or someone else, to notice. I looked behind me, and Louis was flexing his muscles in front of Sarah and Lauren. He was always doing that, as if reminding us that he had the biggest biceps. I rolled my eyes.

"Shall we get started?" I asked.

Lauren nodded eagerly when I said it. We explained to them about the order of the songs, and when to come in. They all sang for us, first together, then seprately. They all had beautiful voices.

Our new backup singers sang for us. They were amazing. Sarah hit the high notes perfectly when she sang my solo in Moments. I felt myself instantly get attatched to her, but I knew I couldn't because then it would be... weird. Liam took the girls out of the room to give them a tour. Zayn mysteriously left after recieving a text from his girlfriend Perrie. So it was just me, Harry, and Niall in the room.

"So what do you think of them?" Harry asked.

"Fantastic" Niall said

"Agreed!" Harry and I both said.

We talked some more, but the conversation always just lead back to the girls. Evwntually Niall and I were teasing Harry for liking Lauren.

"I don't even know her yet. I'll give it a couple more weeks, then maybe I'll ask her on a date!" Harry said

That was probably the best way to go.
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