Who To Love?

Mara, Sarah, and Lauren are three best friends who are backup singers for One Direction. They confessed to eachother that they each like one boy from 1D. Liam and Zayn already have girlfiends, so they try to work out a problem only the two of them found out. Niall is in love with Mara, but she doesn't see it because she likes Louis. Louis likes Sarah, but she likes Harry. To make it even worse, Harry likes Lauren, who likes Niall. In the end, will they all find out Who To Love?


1. Just The Backup Singers

(A/N): Hey guys! You can call me Mara! I apoligize for organization:( I type the paragraphs, but they don't show up when i publish:( idk why... it probs hates me!! Well, I hope you enjoy!!

I can't believe my two best friends and I acually got the job of ONE DIRECTION'S backup singers!!!! We (Me, Sarah, and Lauren) always loved to sing. We posted a video on youtube of us singing Moments. Some music company that was connected to One Direction saw us and asked us to audition for their backup singers. That means we get to go with them on tour and we get to rehearse with them!! Lauren and Sarah are 19, but I'm still 18. My birthday isn't until September 13th, which accoring to Lauren (who has a huge crush on Niall) is Niall Horan's birthday. I personally thought Louis had the best voice, but regardless, I loved all of One Direction!! Tomorrow is our first rehersal with them, and also the first time we are going to meet them in person. Sarah was freaking out because she was going to meet Harry Styles. According to her he is "the most handsome guy that ever walked the Earth". Even though I did fancy Louis a little, it didn't seem right to be crushing on them, because we will be working with them. Lauren agreed, but I could tell she was dying to meet Niall. I just rolled my eyes at both of them, and continued looking into my closet, trying to figure out what outfit I should wear.

I was so excited to meet Harry... and of course the rest of One Direction! Mara says it's "unprefessional" to like one of 1D. Lauren said she agrees with her, but we all knew she had the hots for Niall Horan. Mara is the funniest one out of us, and was the one who love sticking out and being in the center of attention. It didn't bother Lauren and I because she always included us. By being in the center of attention, I don't mean hogging it all. She always puts us before herself.

NiallNiallNiallNiall was all I could think about. I know I shouldn't like him, but I can't help it. We all discussed it, and confessed we did like them, but not just because they were famous. I couldn't wait to meet him! And of course the rest of 1D. I also was looking foward to meeting Danielle and Perrie because they knew what it was like to date a 1D boy. I still couldn't believe that the three of us, from a small town in Britian, would be singing with 1D on tour! We all lived in the same flat. It was a pretty big one. It wa originally mine, but ever since Mara and Sarah needed a place to stay, I decided I could use some company in my 4 bedroom 2 1/2 bath flat!! I seriously needed some company!! Mara was still picking out her outfit for tomorrow, and Sarah was crashed on the sofa. I'm glad to be living with the two best people I could wish for!!
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