this takes place 2 years after the first book
Jackie is an international celebrity and she lives in L.A. and one night she has a dream about the promise she made to Liam she moves back to England. Mekayla lives in Jackie's old flat and is still with and Jackiemoves into a giant house. She texts Liam and it turns out they are nieghbors! They visit eachother a lot but Liam just isn't the same. Find out why in this story. I would love to hear what you think!!


2. Your Back?

Jackie's POV

From Nialler: I hear your back!
To Nialler: Yea I am neighbors with Liam!!
From Nialler: No way!!
To Nialler: Yep!
From Niall: Gtg.
To Nialler: Okay bye!

From CARROTS! (Lou): Your back?
From CARROTS: Awesome you wanna hang out with me and the guys today?
To CARROTS: Of course!!
From CARROTS: Want to go to the beach?
To CARROTS: Sure! Pick me up at 10:00?
From CARROTS: Ok! See ya then!
To Carrots: Ok! See ya!

From Hazza: When did you get back?
To Hazza: Yesterday! I have a new house!
From Hazza: Awesome! I hear your going to the beach with us?
To Hazza: Yep!
From Hazza: Cool! Meet ya there?
To Hazza: Meet ya there!

From Daddy Direction: Hey little miss famous!
To Daddy Direction: I am taller than all of the boys and you!!
From Daddy Direction: True!!
To Daddy Direction: So I am not little! Am I?
From Daddy Direction: Haha! No!
To Daddy Direction: Who is going to the beach?
From Daddy Direction: Me, you, Mekayla, Niall, Harry and Louis!
To Daddy Direction: I knew Zayn wasn't going!
From Daddy Direction: How?
To Daddy Direction: He did'nt text me!
From Daddy Direction: Sorry!
To Daddy Direction: You don't have to apologize! G2G!! Gotta get ready!
From Daddy Direction: Okay!! See ya!

I put on my blue bikini and wore a rash gaurd over it and a I wore a skirt over the bottoms. I brought my surf board and boogie board. I heard a horn honk outside I walked out and all they guys ran out and said "You surf?" I said "Yea." They said "So do we!" I said "Let's see who is the best!!" They all said "Okay!" I laughed and said "You still do that?" They all said "Yes!"

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