this takes place 2 years after the first book
Jackie is an international celebrity and she lives in L.A. and one night she has a dream about the promise she made to Liam she moves back to England. Mekayla lives in Jackie's old flat and is still with and Jackiemoves into a giant house. She texts Liam and it turns out they are nieghbors! They visit eachother a lot but Liam just isn't the same. Find out why in this story. I would love to hear what you think!!



"People throw rocks at things that shine. And life makes love work hard. The steaks are high, The waters rough but this love is Ours."

Jackie's POV

I walked in with Niall and I heard like 10 voices scream "WELCOME BACK!" I look around and see Mekayla, Zayn, Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry and Josh. I said "Thanks guys! But you didn't have to." Liam said "Yes we did!" I said "Okay!" I went over to Liam and said "I knew you were up to something." Liam said "How did you know it was me?" I said "Even though it has been to years, I still know y'all like the back of my hand." He said "Oh do you?" I said "Yep." He said "Well I guess that has to change!" Then he turned and picked me up and Josh helped him throw me onto the couch. We all started laughing. Then I got off of the couch and threw Liam. He said "What belt are you in hapkido?" Louis said "She is a master." Liam said Jesus! No wonder your so strong!" I started laughing again. I laughed so much I hurt! I had to keep catching my breath. Liam said "Are you okay?" I said "I am more than okay! I am perfect! I am home!" Liam said "Well I am happy you are home! I am happy your back!" It was 12:00 am and Liam and I are the last people here. I asked "Do you wanna have an all nighter?" He said "Okay! I will get the Red Bull!" I said "I don't need one!" He said "Well I do!" I started lauhing I said "I will get the movies." I chose a horror movie. He said "You chose horror didn't you?" I said "Yep." He said "Okay." I am not a horror movie person because I get really scared by horror so I grabbed a pillow. He said "You get scared easily don't you?" I said "With movies." He laughed and said "It's okay. I used to." I said "How did you get over it?" He said "The guys watch a lot of horror movie." I started laughing. Then the movie started 95% of the time I either closed my eyes shoved my face in the pillow or I looked away. Liam laughed every time I did.

Liam's POV

She looked so adorable when she was looking away from the movie. I told the guys I didn't like her any more but I think Louis knows that I still do. Whenever Jackie looked away I couldn't help but laugh. When the movie was over I chose the movie. And I chose a comedy. When the time we finished both movies it was 4:00 am. I got another Red Bull and gave Jackie one too. She said "Thanks." I said "No problem." She said "What movie do you want to watch now?" I said "Want to watch 'Alpha and Omega'?" She screamed "YES!" I laughed and got the movie. By the time that was over it was 6:00am. She said aain "What do you want to watch?" I said "Your tour DVD." She smiled and said "Really?" I said "Yea. I want to see your tour." She said "Okay." So while she went to get the DVD I got another Red Bull for both of us. She came down and put the DVD in. I watched it and when it was over it was 9:00 am. She screamed "WE MADE IT!" I laughed and said "I know Louis." She laughed and said "Where should we go for breakfast? I am STARVING!" I said "You are like Louis and Niall combined." She lauhed and said "Thanks. I get that from my friends a lot." I said "I bet!"

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