this takes place 2 years after the first book
Jackie is an international celebrity and she lives in L.A. and one night she has a dream about the promise she made to Liam she moves back to England. Mekayla lives in Jackie's old flat and is still with and Jackiemoves into a giant house. She texts Liam and it turns out they are nieghbors! They visit eachother a lot but Liam just isn't the same. Find out why in this story. I would love to hear what you think!!


5. Just a Joke

"Every time you smile, I smile. And every time you shine. I'll shine for you!"
Jump Then Fall

Liam's POV

I thought we should have a welcome back party for Jackie. She was out for the day making new youtube videos. She was making them with Niall. So I texted Louis.

To Lou: Hey I just had an idea!
From Lou: What was it?
To Lou: We should throw a welcome back party!
From Lou: PARTAY!!
To Lou: Wanna do it?
From Lou: Heck to the yea!
To Lou: Meet me at my house.
From Lou: Okay!

Niall's POV

We are going to be out all day recording her new life in England! She said "Niall want to be in my youtube video?" I said "Sure!" So we left and then I got a text from Louis.

From Lou: Keep Jackie out until Harry, Liam or me text you "PARTAY!" Okay?
To Lou: Okay!

I told Jackie "I have a great idea!" She said "What is it?" I said "We should make the video about skype calling our fans!" She said "Lets do it!" She grabed her iPhone out and she pressed on a contact and they answered like right away. Then she started screaming and we laughed.

Jackie: Hey!
Me: Hello!
Fan: Oh my god! Niall Horan and Jacquilyn Millson!
Jackie: Please call me Jackie. What is your name?
Fan: Haley.
Me: That is a nice name.
Fan: Thank you! Why did you choose to call me?
Jackie: Well we are making a youtube video with me and Niall calling random fans!
Fan: So I am going to be on your YouTube video?
Jackie: Yep!!
Me: It was my idea! 
Jackie: True very true!
Fan: Jackie can you sing me a song?
Jackie: Of course! I wrote this when I was like 12. 

(I really wrote this song)
Jackie said "It's called 'Just a Joke'
She sang these words.

"One day you wrote me a note and soon after I found out it's a joke. So this song is for you. And I hope you don't like it. 
How could you think that was just a joke. It wasn't funny to anyone but you. And now here is a joke for you too. Now the joke is on you. Now the joke is on you.
This song is for you I hope you learned your lesson. I hope you learned it well. So no other girl feels the way I felt.
How could you think that was just a joke. It wasn't funny to anyone but you. Now here's a joke for you too. Now the joke is on you. Now the Joke is on you.
So now the pay back is through. And the joke is done. Well for me it was fun. You thought it was just a joke. Now the joke is on you"

Haley said "You were just 12 when you wrote that?" Jackie said "Yes, but it's not good." Me and Haley said "That was amazing!" Jackie laughed and said "Thanks!" Haley said "I have to go." Jackie said "Bye!" After Haley hung up I said "What made you write that?" She said "From real life." I said "That happened when you were 12?" She said "Yea." She handed me her phone and look at when it was writen and it said 2012. I said "Wow! So you write songs like Taylor Swift?" She said "She is my idol. I wanted to write songs like her since I was an eight year old." I said "Well are all the songs written by you?" She said "None of them. The record label doesn't think that it's good enough." Then we realized the camera was still on. We started laughing and said "Sorry guys!" So we stopped the camera and Jackie went on twitter and tweeted "Hanging with @NiallOfficial Just made a YouTube video!" Then I got a text from Liam it said "PARTAY!" I said "Wanna go back to your house?" She said "Sure!" So we hopped into my car and drove to her house then she opened the door and......

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