Cinderella's Diary *ON HOLD* (i might occasionally update MAYBE)

Emilie is a small town girl, who doesn't do much of anything. She gets good grades, keeps her parents happy, and just tries to stay invisible at school. The only thing that she holds dear to her heart is her diary, that she writes in practically everyday.

Niall is a 19 year old teenage boy who is anything but invisible. You see he belongs to the very famous boy band, One Direction. But what happens when niall finds emilie's diary?? And falls in love with her? Will niall every be able to return the diary, or will it be lost from Emilie forever?


2. The Signing

Emilie's POV


"We're here!! I can't believe were here!" Amelia screeched

"Oh my god look at them, there right over there!" Beverly chimed in "Emilie, what’s the matter babes, you look so gloomy" she sighed, well the truth is I was still worried about my diary, but I wasn’t going to tell them that.

"Oh nothing, I’m just really tired that's all" I attempted to fib, but they knew i was lying, I’m a terrible liar whenever I try to lie I can’t look someone in the eyes and my face turns bright red like a tomato 

"I know you’re lying just look at your face" Bev points out "Your still worried about your diary aren’t you?" She hit it right on the nose, well even though she wasn't that book smart, she was very people smart.

"Ok, so, yeah, I’m still worried" I admit "But you would be too if you were in the position I was in" 

"Yeah maybe for a little while, but I am 18 years old, a senior in high school and I have nothing to worry about, I refuse to until I’m old" she explains, but she was right Bev never worries about anything EVER! I wish I was more like her 

"Ok, you know what?" I say very confidently "I’m not going to worry about it, today is suppose to be all about 1d and I’m not going to let some stupid diary get in the way of it" noting that my diary was all I was thinking about at our little pre- meet 1d party "I’m just going to take it off my mind"

"That's the spirit" all there voices ringing in unison

Niall's POV:

"Emilie" I skimmed through the pages before looking at the front and gliding my thumb over the glittery name "Her name is Emilie" I tell harry who's walking around trying to get ready for the signing 

"Hey mate, here's an idea, maybe she'll be at the signing you'll meet her and you can stop obsessing over her and you can you know 'get some'" he laughed 

"I don’t want to 'get some' from her" I say with a little sarcastic tone on the 'get some' part "I just want to find her tell her that she's amazing and deep and everything I want in a girl, the girl I never seem to find, I doubt she'll be at the signing though and even if she is how will I know it's her?" 

"oh god your clueless, no wonder your blonde, ok listen when you sign all the girls CD's you ask their name and you ask them to spell it and if say Emilie spelled E-M-I-L-I-E then you know it’s her" harry explained

"Ok harry, I think you’re the clueless one now, she's not the only Emilie in the world that spells her name with an ie" I tell him

"Well then if they say there name is Emilie, ie at the end, then you take out the diary and ask if it’s theirs" he exclaims

"Harry THEY'D TAKE IT ANYWAY!! I touched it, they don’t care if it's not theirs" I snap at him

"oh, yeah" he nods in realization before gliding into his room, well so much for finding my dream girl, and just as I step out of the door to get into the limo that was waiting for us, I take the diary in my hands and just barley fit it in my jacket pocket, who knows maybe something good will happen to me.

Emilie's POV: 

It's our turn next and I’m anxiously waiting so Niall can sign my CD, we all picked who it is we want to sign our CD's and I picked Niall, Bev picked harry of course, Amelia picking Liam, Anastasia picked Zayn and Stacy picked Louis it was perfect..... and our turn. I nervously walk up to Niall and he grabs a CD

"And what's your name?" he asks in his sweet, kind, gentle voice 

"Um, uh, um" I had forgotten my name I was so nervous! "uh, um, e- em- Emilie, Emilie" I reply quite softly 

"Oh excuse me hun, I couldn’t quite hear you, he says in that oh so adorable deep Irish accent

"Oh um-" I was cut off by the sound of Liam’s voice calling to Niall 

"Hey Niall, this one's from Ireland, like you" he says kind of excitingly 

"Really?" Niall questions in disbelief "all the way from there, you know we're doing a signing in Dublin next month" he informs her 

"Oh, no" she stutters, I could tell she was nervous too "I’m with them" and she points to all of us, I live in England, but I’m from Ireland" she corrects 

"Oh, nice" he smiles and fist pumps Amelia then turns his attention back to me "so what did you say your name was again" he asks

"oh, oh, um, Emilie" I reply in a little louder voice this time, I see him begin to write on the CD and I stop him "oh um by the way, it’s not spelled like most 'Emily’s' I spell it E-M-I-L-I-E" I inform him but I was taken aback when he pauses and looks up at me, begins to stare at my eyes and tilt his head, i felt a bit awkward considering I had no idea what was happening, then see he begins to take something out of his pocket that I glance at before he shakes his head and puts it back, just then I realize what I just looked at, my diary....

Niall's POV

She had beautiful blue eyes and bleach blonde hair and she looked exactly like I pictured her to look like, many other girls before her had come up to me with the name Emily, few who spelled it like she does but there was just something about her that made me take the diary out of my pocket a bit but I quickly realized I was being silly and I slipped the exposed end of the diary back in my pocket, then hear the beautiful girl standing in front of me say something 

"um- um-" she stuttered a bit but I thought it was cute how nervous she was, most girls were nervous but she was different "um- I- I um, I think you may have my diary in your pocket there" she finally gets out, wait, hold on just a minute, did I hear her right, did she say what I think she said that this is- ok I wasn’t going to get all excited yet maybe she knew it was a diary and she just wanted it, because that's what most girls would do but I have to think fast, how can I make her prove that this is truly her diary I quickly blurt out something 

"When was the first time the diary was written in?" I blurted out 

"Ummm, September 2008, when I started high school" she exclaimed, oh my god, the answer was correct, and I remembered that the first entry was about her first day at her new high school. I had found my dream girl and Harry was finally right about something.


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