Cinderella's Diary *ON HOLD* (i might occasionally update MAYBE)

Emilie is a small town girl, who doesn't do much of anything. She gets good grades, keeps her parents happy, and just tries to stay invisible at school. The only thing that she holds dear to her heart is her diary, that she writes in practically everyday.

Niall is a 19 year old teenage boy who is anything but invisible. You see he belongs to the very famous boy band, One Direction. But what happens when niall finds emilie's diary?? And falls in love with her? Will niall every be able to return the diary, or will it be lost from Emilie forever?


1. The Missing Diary


Enilie's POV: 

       "Oh god, where could it be? If anyone finds it I'm screwed!" I scream to my friends who are sitting next to and across from me

"Calm down Emilie, no one will find it except for us" Amelia reassures me

"Yeah and if anyone does find it, how will they know its your diary?" Stacy asks

"Um well maybe 'cause it says EMILIE in big letters right on the front" I snap at her

"Yeah well there's a million Emilies in the world" Amelia exclaims 

"Yeah and only one that spells her name with an "ie" at the end" "I say

"I doubt that’s true,” Amelia argues  

"Ok well there’s at least only one person in this town that spells it that way, god how could I be so stupid losing my diary like that,” I mumble

"Oh my god, who cares, it doesn’t matter, and its not like any of this will matter in 30 years" Bev chimes in

"I care!!!!!" I scream at her

"Its not the end of the world em, you'll find it" she yells back "Just don’t think about it" She pats my shoulder, I could tell she felt bad for yelling at me

"Yeah instead lets think about the 1D signing we're going to tomorrow!!!!" Stacy yells excitingly

"Shhhhh" the rest of us screech "remember guys, stay as invisible as possible at least for the rest of the year, just one more year, so that means no announcing to the whole world that we have tickets!" I motion to Stacy "One more year?" I ask

"One more year" they all chant in unison, then we all part our ways and start heading home

Stacy Amelia Beverly and Anastasia are my four best friends. Anastasia is the quiet but sensible one, Stacy is, well the dumb blonde, haha, Amelia is the crazy corky one, Bev, is the pretty happy- go - lucky, anything goes, YOLO one, and for me, well I'm the smart, scared, sensitive one.

I have straight light blonde, almost bleach blonde hair and blue eyes, all my friends are jealous of my eyes because they're a really bright deep blue eyes my skin is like a peachy pinkish tone and my nails are always painted either some shade of blue or pink

Stacy has like yellow- blonde hair, and is always confused about something, that’s why we call her the dumb blonde, but she’s not that dumb, she’s just clueless, haha, she has green eyes and peach skin

Amelia has really orangey curly red hair and freckles, and she looks exactly like the girl from brave. Well she did move here from Ireland. 

 Anastasia has black as night hair, and the palest skin ever; her eyes are an indigo, almost purple color and we think that one of her ancestors was a vampire

Bev has brown hair and brown eyes, she is half Italian and half Spanish she has an olive tone skin and her complexion is so amazing, she has those amazing cheekbones and long eyelashes, we all wish we looked like her. 

We all were the new kids our first year of high school, and we were all bullied in middle school, so we promised each other that we would stay completely invisible for our 4 grueling high school years and then off to college.



Author's Note:

OMG guys i am so so so so so so so so so so so x 1000000000 so srrry!!!!!!!! so much has been going on in my life right now and i just kinda like completely forgot about movellas, ill get updating both of my stories right away!!

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