Beneath The Oak Tree

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Romance, Fantasy, paranormal AND mystery
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4. Journey - Lilly

I shoved everything into the car and got in I told the driver where to go and the post code for the sat nav

and he put them in. I am not one of those posh totties who think they can have anything and everything and I am definitely not a snob!

Because to be honest? I don't want everything. Because I have everything I want..... Well.. That's a lie..

Okay this is gonna sound corny as hell? But... I just want someone who doesn't give a shit about what I look like or what I act like or who I am.. I just want to be excepted! Is that really too much to frickin' ask!?

Aaaaanyway... For the rest of the drive I blasted every CD I had brought with me... So that included The Script, Florence & The Machine, Paramore, 3 days grace, Hollywood undead, Muse, Micheal Jackson and Taylor Swift, yes I like pretty much all music... The driver just rolled his eyes and smirked when I put Hollywood undead on and started screaming it ha ha

We had left Gloucestershire at 1pm and finally got to the boarding school in Scotland about 6 hours later at 7 ish... By then it was dark and the grounds looked freaky as hell...... I got out of the car, grabbed my 3 bags and thanked the driver. He drove off leaving me standing there staring at the ginormous building... I finally got my act together and slouched into the school, I checked in and then realized my room is on the top floor.


So I had to lug my 2 suitcases and one big bag up 6 flights of stairs.

After 5 flights I sat on one of the steps and run it through my head why I had come here.....

Oh yes because im an idiot who is scared of her own goddamn house!

I sighed to myself and stood back up.

When I grabbed my bags and turned round I slammed into someones chest dropping my bags in the process.

I looked up and apologized.

"Uh it's okay..." The new voice said.

The stranger bent down and picked up my bags and gave them to me

I grabbed my bags once more and our hands touched briefly

Something that felt like a electric shock went through our hands.

He snatched his hand away and stared at it

I had wide eyes... It was getting tense...

"Im Lilly" I said smiling awkwardly

"Derik" He replied quietly

I frowned

Such a peculiar name... I thought to myself

"Its a strange name I know that" He said sounding slightly annoyed

I looked down and sighed

"I like your hair" He said looking surprised at himself.

He turned round and walked off.

How rude.

I shook my head and began up the stairs again

What the hell was that shock? I asked myself.

I shook the thought out of my head and eventually found my room.

There was a girl reading when I went in.

She looked at me then back at her book.

Oh great. She is one of those 'I don't know you so I aint speaking to you' types isn't she -.-

I shoved my stuff under the bed and took my laptop out

I turned it on and sighed.

I checked my facebook.

"COME BACK TO US LILZ!" Was a message from my best friend (group chat)

"I luv ya all but I caaant!" I replied.

Know one replied to I went into the bathroom and got changed into my pj's

It was 9pm by the time I had gotten into my room, checked facebook and gotten into bed.

My roommate was asleep so I turned the light off and climbed into bed.

I stayed up half the night thinking about that electric shock...

What did it meeaan!......... I yelled to myself in my head

Soon after that I fell into a deep sleep.

I dreamt about it all.


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