Beneath The Oak Tree

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Romance, Fantasy, paranormal AND mystery
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5. First day of school - Lilly

I woke up and yawned.

My roomate was already awake and in the bathroom so I decided to see what my schedule was today.

Maths - Miss Syren

English - Mr. Williams 

Science - Mrs. Batten

Geography - Miss Tallia

Music - Miss Lyric (Ironic..)

And Dance - Mrs Step

I sighed. I have Maths first.

Oh joy!

"Hey hurry up in there! We got class in half an hour!" I yelled

I heard a "WHAT!?" From the bathroom and the room next to us

I smirked and knocked on the bathroom door

My roomate shot out of the bathroom and began drying her hair

I chuckled and grabbed my towel,clothes,shampoo and such and walked into the bathroom

I took a shower and brushed my teeth.

I looked in the mirror and saw my eyes flash bright pink

I moved back away from the mirror and rushed out of the bathroom

'What the hell was that....' I thought to myself.

"What;s your name anyway?" I asked my roomate

"Meygan" She replied 

"Im Lilly." I said smiling

"Nice name..... So uh.. What element are you?" She asked

"What element... What do you mean?" I asked 

Her eyes widened

"NOTHING" She said loudly and went back to her hair.

'People here are wierd...' I thought

'Yes they are....' I heard a voice in my head

I looked around the room.

No one.

I looked into the hallway.

No one.

'It's alright. You'll see me soon enough..' The voice said

NOTE: When something is like 'this' it is a thought :) If you get confused between people talking and people thinking just say so and I will change it ^_^

'When..' I thought back

'Hmmm second lesson?' The voice asked

'Okay...' I replied in thought

I frowned and glanced at the clock

5 MINUTES!!!!!! 

I rushed over to my set of drawers and pulled out a blue tie dye shirt and light blue ripped skinny jeans

I pulled my hair into a messy bun and slipped on some white converse

I looked over at my roomate and she was wearing a white strap top with a partially see through black shirt over the top and black slip-ons along with black skinny jeans

"You ready?" I asked

She nodded

We had all the same classes together

"So... We don't really know much about eachother.. So.. How come your here?" I asked her nicely

We began walking to class

"Well... Im 15 and I used to live in London... Ummm I have a brother names Lucifer haha strange name huh? Uh my dad passed away about 3 years ago.." She stopped and took a deep breath

"You.. You don't have to tell me you know..." I said quietly

"No No its alright... Uh... My mum stayed in London but moved to a different house... And I just got tired of London.. So I came here.." She finished

"And you?" She asked

"Well.. My mum has a busy job and my dad left me and my mum so.... I was always alone at home and at school im not exactly popular.. So.. I decided to come here.. Its better than being alone." I said quietly

"True..." She said

We got to maths and went in and sat down

Then the teachers handed out workbooks and told us to do some algebra..

Me and Meygan helped eachother all through lesson

'Do you like algebra?' The voice popped into my head making me jump

'No but im doing it so I don't get any crap from the teachers.' I replied back

I glanced around the room and a boy in the corner was looking a bit guilty...

'Where and who are you?' I asked in my mind.

Still doing my work

'Watch' is all I got

So I lifted my head up and kept a look out for anything strange.

"Miss? Can I be excused... I have a sharp pain in my stomach" I heard a boy say.

The boy from last night.

My eyes widened

The teacher nodded

Just as the boy was about to go past he grabbed my arm and pulled me out

"What are you doing!" I hissed

"Were going exploring." He replied

He dragged me out to that tree outside

"And you brought me here becaauuuse?" I asked

"I don't know... It's... Ugh there's something about it... That's appealing..." He said quietly

"I don't even know your name and already im letting myself be dragged places... What am I doing?" I said to myself

"My names Derik.... What's yours?" He asked

"Lilly..."  I replied

We were face to face and I could hear the bell ringing

I swallowed and took a step forward so we were inches apart.

"How do you do it." I said quietly

"Do what.." He replied

'This'.... I thought

'I don't know.. I always have been able to do it.. But only with special people...' He thought back.

"Okay..." I said outloud

He leaned and so did I..I 

dont know why I did it... I just did

Next thing I knew our lips were smashed together and his arms were wrapped round my waist

and mine were round his neck.

We pulled back for air...

I looked into his eyes and saw wanting.. Wanting and fear.

"Why are you afraid" I whispered

He looked down

"My last girl I fell inlove with broke my heart and moved to another country..." He murmured



My eyes widened and he looked at me.

He realised what he had said and grabbed his bag.

"Im sorry.... I gotta go..." He said before running off towards the school.

Leaving me standing there.

Beneath the oak tree.


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