Beneath The Oak Tree

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By the way its alot of categorys... So its like..
Romance, Fantasy, paranormal AND mystery
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3. Checking in - Derik

Well...... I arrived at the boarding school 

It was HUGE I would say it was about 1000 ft long? I don't quite know... Yeah probably like 1000ft x 2000ft or something like that, it had big, bulky front doors (Like in the medieval times) and the windows were wooden ones (Wooden framed), it had a forest behind it and a single Oak tree to the side of it.

The oak tree was big... About 5 ft wide and like.. 15 ft tall...

I might have to try and climb that when I get settled in.... 

I got out of my car and grabbed my bag and trudged up the steps.

Not many students were there, there were a few girls but most of them kinda just.... I don't know.. Didn't feel right.... Weird.

I checked in and started up the stairway.

After about 5 minutes of walked I got to the top (My floor), looked left them right.... Okay... I have NO idea where the hell I am going... Oh well..... I turned left and eventually found my dorm.

It was pretty straight forward, bed, wardrobe, windows, bedside table, bathroom, You know the basics.

At that moment a girl came into my room. (Girls and boys shared rooms here obviously..)

"Uh... Ah must be in the wrang room" Said the girl in a scottish accent (Ah is I)

"What room number?" I asked her nicely

"Um..." She looked at the door then her paper.

"this ane" She said going red. (Ane means one)

I laughed then gestured towards the empty bed.

She nodded once and set her things on the bed.

"Och!... Ah am gaun fur a walk" She said softly (Och! is Well, Gaun is going, Fur is for)

"Okay.. Before you go whats your name?" I asked her.

She stared at me.

"Oh! My names Derik." I told her

She nodded and smiled

"My name is Flora" She said then walked out.

My room mates name.. Is Flora.

Okay then.

I sighed and began to unpack, I can tell it's going to be SO much fun here ( not), especially when I have a room mate I hardly understand -.- 

Once I had unpacked I flopped onto my bed and passed out.

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