Want U Back

My my dad killed my mom.he abused me. That's why I ran away to london. What happens if she runs into one direction? She develops a crush on one of them. Will he feel the same way? Will her dad find her? U just have to read the book and find out! Love Calliexoxo


1. Running away

"JENNA!"He yelled. "yes?"I said from upstairs. "GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!"he yelled. "you needed me?"I said. He slapped me and said "get me a beer!" he yelled. "fine"I said with tears in my eyes. He chuckled at me. Hi I'm Jenna Davis and I am 18. My dad killed my mom when I was 12. He has abused me since she died. Now back to the story. I ran up the stairs and laid on my bed and locked the door. I packed my chlothes and some food. I waited till he was asleep.when he was I opened my window and jumped out. I was lucky we had a two story house. I jumped I'm my car and drove to the airport. I got a ticket to London and before I knew it I was on my way to London on the plane.
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