Teachers, Slugs and a Kite

As requested by Supraja


1. Teachers, Slugs and Kites

Teachers, Slugs and Kites


If my teacher

had a pet slug,

It wouldn't fly a kite,

It doesn't know how to tug.


Flying kites isn't easy,

You need a teacher by your side.

It's even harder for a slug,

because it can't get it to glide.


But what if slugs had thumbs,

and a brain to help them along.

Then teachers wouldn't be needed.

And they'd sing the kite song.


Oh what it is,

what it is to be so slow,

we got no teachers

Flying kites is what we know.


So when your buy the sea,

reading this poem I just wrote,

Look at the slug,

making that kite float.



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