Forever young

His laugh, his smile, his eyes, everything about Zayn Malik was perfect. I wish I had the chance to tell him. I wish I had the chance to be with him one last time. But it's too late...Im already gone.


1. The problem

Hi my names Ariana im 16 and your about to read my story. A story filled with love and romance but also tragedy. You see my life isn't the best but when I met him it all changed. When I met Zayn Malik my life became complete, but everything was taken from me in a second...I was taken away from everything.

*4 months earlier*

Ariana's pov; 
"Andrew I want you to run upstairs and lock your door okay, don't come out till I say so!" I said to my little brother. He shook his head but I pushed him up the stairs as I heard the front door open. "Well if it isn't my little girl, why aren't you fucking asleep you little bitch!" I shut my eyes an turned to my father, he's breath reeked of alcohol. "Dad your drunk please don't." His face was full of anger, "Don't tell me what I am you slut!" I began to walk away but he grabbed me from my arm. "Don't walk away from me bitch, I wasn't done talking!" He raise his hand and quickly struck my cheek. He kept slapping me until I heard my little brothers voice, "STOP IT WEAVE ARIA AWONE!" My dad quickly got off of me and turned to Andrew, "What did you say you little fucker?" He grabbed Andrew from the color and punched him. I quickly grabbed a glass vase from the coffee table and smashed it on my fathers head, knocking him out. "I told you to stay in your room!" I yelled crying at my brother, "I herd him hutin you wike he hut mommy an I dont want to woose you Aria." I took him upstairs and closed the room door. I tucked him in as he fell asleep, I began crying my eyes out. He didn't deserve this, ever since my mom died my dad has been abusing us. I always make sure he never lays a hand on Andrew, I take all the beatings but the worse part is that I don't hate my father. He has Alzheimer's which means he doesn't remember most things he does. So when he wakes up he will be wondering what has happened. I always lie and tell him that he fell down or something, i know it would really hurt him If I told him the truth . After a while I go back downstairs and clean up the mess and then head to my room. I turn on my iPod and listen to my favorite band One Direction. Their a big part of my life they've really help me get through all of this and I just hope one day I get to tell them how great full I am.
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