Forever young

His laugh, his smile, his eyes, everything about Zayn Malik was perfect. I wish I had the chance to tell him. I wish I had the chance to be with him one last time. But it's too late...Im already gone.


2. The Plan

Arianas pov:

The next morning i woke up in pain, surely my bruises should be noticeable by now. I got up and headed to my bathroom. Surely enough i had two big bruises on my cheek, i covered them with make up and got ready for school.


I was walking to lunch listening to Live while were young by One Direction when i heard my name. "Ariana wait hold up," turning i saw my friend Stacey. "Hey Stacey what sup." She grabbed my hand and lead me to an empty classroom. "Um whats going on," i asked. "Okay so you know how One Directions coming here and we lost all hope of going." I nodded my head, "Well my aunt just surprised me with concert tickets!" My mouth dropped we started jumping up an down  "Wait and....she also gave me meet and greet passes." Oh my god this was finally it! i would finally get to meet the boys and tell them how much they mean to me , especially Zayn. "This is fucking amazing Stacey i cant wait but...." I suddenly realized my dad, he sure as hell wasn't gonna let me go. "What do you mean but! There's no buts when it comes to the boys," i frowned at her. "My dad hes never gonna let me go," i almost started to tear up until i saw a big smile come on her face. "Why the smile?" She took my hand, "Because we are going to go to this concert and as for your dad...hes never gonna know." Starring at her with a confused expression she continued, "We are going to lie to your dad and say your spending the night at my place." I shook my head, "NO are you crazy? Do you know what he will do if i lie to him!" Nodding her head she looked down at her hands, "Well then i guess i wont go either, maybe the girls who get our tickets will have a blast with zayn...and the other boys as well." Ugh great she was trying to persuade me. She knows i cant handle the thought of Zayn with a different girl! "Fine we can go with your plan," She smiled wide and jumped me with a big hug. "Awesome so the shows tomorrow night so we can get all dolled up at my house " With one last hug she walked away. Tomorrow night will be the night i meet Zayn Malik....i still cant believe it! I walked out of the classroom and took out my phone, logging on to twitter i  saw that Zayn was on, 

'Cant Wait for tomorrows show! Know it will be a good one ;)'

Smiling i re-tweeted it and decided to write a post too,

'So excited for 1D concert tomorrow, cant wait to see the guys live! @ZaynMalik follow me?;)'

Wont happen but hey its worth a shot, who knows maybe he will follow me and maybe even tweet me? "Who knows," i said to myself walking to class. 



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