gotta to be u

ally had a crush on louis but one day she meet naill she like him but dose he like her? which one will she ask out?


2. movie bump o.O

5 year later.....


HI louis... hi ally >\\\\<. Sooooo louis where now?!?!?We will go the the movie. ok O\\\\O said ally....                                                                                             (at the movie) hmmm whitch one should i,i mean we watch.....said ally we should watch the new one ok said louis ok said ally. this one please PLEASE LOUIS PLEASE said ally. what what  which one said louis this one BRAVE please said ally. ok ok ok said louis. i go buy the popcorn ok louis said all, ok said louis >.<. (got the popcorn about to pay)       that will 2.67 ok here(give money) one more dollar please. WHAT man i don't have a dollar then a man came up he had blond hair green handsome eye. um...... i sow him giving that dude a dollar.  um.... thx said ally. no problem said ???. my name is ally,ally white said ally, hi ally my name is..... 


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