gotta to be u

ally had a crush on louis but one day she meet naill she like him but dose he like her? which one will she ask out?


3. before -_-

??? pov


naill horan,nice to meet you said naill. you two said ally OMG OMG OMG i so late got to go bye thank naill said ally.*laugh* BYE naill yelling!!!!!!!After the movie louis said that was um...... AWESOME, heheh u so funny said ally .....then (about to leave) HEY naill it ally, oh hi ally which movie did u watch?!?! i watch the new one brave>\\\\<. how he your boyfriend?!?!?!?said naill            NOOOOOOOO>\\\\\\\\< said louis and ally said. ok ok ok chill said naill




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