gotta to be u

ally had a crush on louis but one day she meet naill she like him but dose he like her? which one will she ask out?


1. meet louis>.<

ally pov

(wake up) OMG i so late for school.....5 min later bye mom bye dad love .  i made it to school OWWW i said i look up and i so a cute guy looking at me i start to blush i did no what to sayO\\\\O. The more i look at him i didn't no what to say but a light came in me head  i so sorry my name is ally,ally white.... my name is louis tomlinson nice to meet u. my face was SOOO red>\\\\\<!!!!! He help me up and talk to me i though he was a football player or though people how think there so cool to talk to u but he was different there was something he was so funny to be around. <3 <3

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