Trapped in seconds

Alex, Jay, & Kat are normal kids until they escape a time ray and meet their mysterios saviour. they are forced to battle for their lives against hordes of geneticaly engeneered super humans.
The fate of the entire world hangs in the balance..........


1. the time stop

It was a normal Friday morning , bright and sunny. On the east cost of jersey, three  friends were splashing in the water. The oldest was Alex, a young mathematical whizz and daredevil aged 12. Then  there was Jay ; a shy, tall and athletic girl who turned 10 two months ago. Last but not least there was Kat an 8 year old with a great imagination.


“Come on can we go home?” whined Kat. “OK,” sighed  Jay. When they got home, their mum and dad were sitting on the sofa, their eyes glued to the TV. “Scientists believe the meteor will burn up in the atmosphere” babbled the TV. “Time for bed,” said Alex’s mum, shooing them up the stairs. Next morning , when Alex got up, he looked at his alarm clock. “Huh it’s stopped,” thought Alex. “hang on it’s still on” murmured  Alex, he was right. The minute hand and the hour hand had frozen, but the second hand was moving – one second forward one second back. Kat ran into Alex’s room, followed closely by Jay. “Look out of your window!” said Jay urgently. When Alex opened his curtain and looked outside, everything was moving – but back and forth! But it took only one second to go forward and back. The truth finally dawned on them – they were trapped in time.


Meanwhile, in a spaceship, a man in a swivelling chair with a big cape was cackling  like a howler monkey. Kneeling before him was a multicoulred ghost like alien. it was imprisonedin a glass case, “you will not win Oboamus, “said the thing through gritted teeth.  “We’ll see about that,” said the man in the cloak. My master  plan is almost complete.  “When I restart time my warriors will be stationed around the planet and all the earth will be mine”.


Back on earth, Alex, Jay and Kat were walking through the silent streets. Suddenly  something whizzed past Kat’s face, Jay screamed and Kat held Alex’s  hand tighter. Something like a ghost but Alex, Jay and Kat weren’t afraid of it. “I need your help” it said light, reflecting of it as it spoke. “Why asked Alex. An evil doctor his name Dr. Obamus  was expelled from his country and taunted by the world. Now he has come for revenge...



“Soon all earth will be his if no one stops him.”  Said the strange alien scintillating with multicolour light .

“So why  are we not frozen in time” asked  Kat in a small voice

“because you are the chosen one my people focused their psychic powers to stop the time ray effecting you.” Suddenly without  warning huge shapes whooshed down from the sky.  “ they are here I cannot stay” said the alien as it began to fade your imagination is the key it said in a rasping voice. The huge ships landed with deafening thuds far away. Come on said Alex heading off towards the beach. Before Jay or Kat could follow two hulking figures appeared around the corner, each was as tall as a lamppost and as bulky as a rhino, the two groups faced each other up a the tallest creature broke the silence “what have we got ere then it said the other one said

“ two of the human blighters must have escaped the time ray said the shorter figure There are three of us there for your information retorted Jay.

“seems the cho- arggh” yelled the taller monstrosity. It crumpled to a heap crackling with deep blue energy closely followed by the slightly smaller monstrosity. “You need to improve your counting skills” said Alex grinning “werd you get that” asked Kat pointing at the ray gun Alex was holding.” The nice gentleman lying on the floor a few streets away lent it to me” said Alex innocently

“Really Alex those martial arts lessons did you no end of good” joked Jay

“They did give me a small sentimental boost” said Alex “now lets go before more of those things come” he said walking off

“wait for us” said Jay running after Alex

“What about” me whined kat

“You will be coming with us” kat turned to see five of the hulking creatures that had assailed them a few moments ago. Kats cries broke the silence...

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