Frozen, and can't breath.

Haylee is a 17 year old and she is going to a one direction concert. She got VIP tickets to go backstage to see them with her cousin, Angel. The girls both go backstage and then Haylee passes out. When she wakes up, she is in the hospital with the boys and Angel surrounding her. Turns out she lost her memory. The boys and angel try to jog her memory. The whole story is about how Haylee is getting her memory back.


1. The concert.

Haylees POV. - We got into the concert passed the security and front row seats. Then the whole stadium was packed with screaming girls. Me and angel put out hands on the stage. I was speechless and I didn't wanna scream be Ashe I wouldn't hear them sing. Then, they walked out on stage. " HELLO EVERYBODY!" Liam screams still walking out to the little couch on stage. They introduce the first song. Wich was up all night. Harry looked at me like I had 10 heads. I looked down the. Quickly looked back up, face stilled from blushing. angel was screaming and jumping. I strted jumping to the beat and Had a smile on my face. Then they sang WMYB. And during Harry's solo, he kept giving me glances. Then the concert was over and we went backstage. We were walking through the hallways and then we saw one direction across the hall. Me and Angel ran up to them. Angel said the first word. "Hi!!" she enthusiastically said, "Hi." Louis and Liam responded. "Names please?" Niall asked with enthusiasm. Angel And Haylee." she said, motioning to me. I waved at them slowly as they chuckled. I smiled and looked down, embarrassed at myself. I looked back up at them looking at me with big smiles. I just realized what situation I'm in. I'm standing infront on One Direction. I was thinking, then, everything went black.
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